Men never learn 😉😉

Two friends were walking home and a Lady happened to be Blowing a Kiss 😘 to one of them.....from the window of a Single Storey building.

1st friend:

Man, it looks like that Babe is

Blowing kisses at me...

2nd friend:

Guy leave her alone,

Don't pay any attention to her.

(Then the lady signalled 🙋 to Him to come)

1st friend:

Man the babe is calling me!

2nd friend:

My friend, Don't go.

1st friend:

Why would you ask Me not to go

When a fine Babe like that is calling me?

2nd friend:

Pal, l'm begging you,

Please Don't go, please Don't go

The Friend ignored Him...

And went over to the Lady,

She went to meet Him

And they both went upstairs.

Suddenly as they were about to have Fun,

They heard a Car honking.

Lady: (on opening the window)

Hell ! That's my Husband!!

1st friend:

Shit! I'm in Trouble!!


Don't worry, just pretend

Like you're the Laundry man

And iron these Clothes,

Pointing at a heap of Clothes.

The Guy spent the whole Day...

Ironing clothes because

The Husband never left home that day.

The next day he went over to his Friend's place

1st friend:

Pal, can you believe that it was

Clothes and Clothes l ironed

Throughout the day yesterday.

2nd friend:

But I told you not to go.

All those clothes you ironed,


*Men never learn*