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MagicZonefor Kidsoffers a stunning collection of cool magic kits for kids for putting on magic shows to amaze their family and friends with exciting tricks.


This website was created to bring some awesome kid-friendly tricks to kids to amaze everyone. Magic provides kids with the opportunity to amaze their family and friends and also to use their imagination and creativity while performing. Building confidence to perform in front of others helps builds a healthy character as well. Creating laughter and fun for all.

Studies have shown that when youngsters learn how to do magic, they undergo amazing psychological effects that help them to learn self-discipline, how to understand how others think, and an ability to entertain. Those lacking self-confidence showed a significant increase social skills and confidence in themselves that video games or other activities can't produce.

Professor Richard Wiseman, a psychologist reported to the British Association for the Advancement of Science in Liverpool on a study he conducted at two Hertfordshire schools, in which he compared the results of magic lessons he gave with other standard personal, social and health education (PSHE) lessons currently used to promote healthy, confidence and social skills.

The children were given lessons in how to magically reconnect a rope that had been cut in half and a mind reading trick. They were asked to show the tricks to friends and family.
Teachers reported that children were noticeably more sociable and confident after their magic lessons than after the standard PSHE lessons.

“Showing and teaching the children magic tricks encourages skills, such as self-discipline - unless you practice magic skills you will fail - and critical thinking. It also helps children to think from another person's perspective, and consider how they are feeling."

Professor Richard Wiseman

"Magic fascinates everyone and depending on the methodology needs good social skills. There are material explanations for the tricks for pupils to think about too. This type of class helps kids to engage in active stuff rather than ill-defined debates."

Professor Johnathon Osborne, Chair of Science Education at King’s College.

The magic that you can find here will not only entertain your child, their friends or audiences but will encourage their social development and will bring a smile to you as well as you watch them perform, build self-confidence and esteem and learn better how to interact with others.