An Eye Test For Nursing Home Applicants ....can you pass it?

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A School of Psychology conducted a survey called - "What really do you see?”
People were asked to focus their attention on this simple picture and then asked if they had noticed anything odd.

Now you also have a chance to test your skills and see if you can pass.........

Study the picture for5 seconds; then briefly state theoddest thingyou see..

Here are the Results of the Survey:

1. 100% of males failed this test.Th ey were distracted by the woman's large bosom.

2.100% of the females also failed this test. They were distracted by the wide choice of doughnuts.

The real answer (see below):


There's a mouse on one of the doughnuts……..

If you didn't see it,YOUmade the list and your room is waiting for you !

Nowdon'ttell me you saw it. I won't believe you.