For every man who has children and every woman who wishes their husband could experience labor should watch this. The video shows two men hooked up to a machine for some electrode stimulation on their stomach, which is suppose to replicate the contractions a woman would have during her pregnancy labor. They will be hooked up to a contraction monitor that will last for an hour. It is the closest thing to labor pain simulation possible and these two guys are in for a big surprise. This video will bring tears to your eyes laughing so hard.

To set the scene: Two guys walk into a doctor's office to undergo simulated labor pain to prove that women exaggerate the pain. Next scene: These tough guys are grunting, howling, gasping and making the worst faces imaginable. They are clutching their wives' hands, rolling over onto their knees, rocking back and forth, panting desperately and begging for mercy. Their wives, meanwhile, look amused, sip coffee and, at one point, high five. Afterward, the ashen-faced dudes admit that, yes, the labor pain simulation was much worse than they'd imagined.

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