Once a Project Manager was traveling by train on a business trip.When the train started, He was traveling alone in the AC-I coupe.

Some time later, a Beautiful lady came and sat in the opposite berth!

Manager was pleasantly Happy.

The lady kept smiling at him...
This made him even more Happier.

Then she went and sat next to him....

he was bubbling with Joy.

She then lent towards him and whispered in his ear...

"Hand over all your cash, cards and mobile phone to me , else I will shout loudly and tell everybody that you are harassing and misbehaving with me"

Manager stared blankly at her.

He took out a paper and a pen from his bag and wrote " I am sorry, I can not hear or speak... Please write on this paper whatever you want to say"

The lady wrote everything what she said earlier and gave it to him!

Manager took her note, kept it nicely in his pocket... got up and told her in clear tones...

*Now shout & scream!*

Moral of the story: