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American Daylight is a 2004 film directed by Roger Christian and produced by Kaleidoscope Entertainment. The film stars Nick Moran as Lawrence, an American music executive, who falls for Sujata (Koel Purie), a call center worker in India, then flies halfway around the planet to meet her. Nick's journey is complicated by his wife (Jennifer Siebel), Sujata's boss (Vijay Raaz) who sees Lawrence as a romantic rival, and the assassin hired by that boss to kill Lawrence.
After October 2004 screenings at the London Film Festival and Pusan International Film Festival, the film opened wide in India on December 17, 2004.
The film's crew included cinematographer Hinman Dhamija, editor Alan Strachan, composers Amaah Ali Rangash and Ayaan Ali Rangash, art director Yoyendra Tyagi, and costume designer Shaahid Amir.

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