Today morning I entered mulund railway station at 11:34. Went to platform no.2 to give my assignments to my friend. I did not travel i just gave my assignments and i came back. As I climbed the stairs of platform 2 to return home TC stopped me. He asked me for ticket. I honestly replied i didnt travel from train i dont have any ticket and was waiting for a friend to give my assignments. He had a valid point that you should have taken a platform ticket of ₹10 even if u want to enter the railway station and stand on platform. I agreed to pay his fine. He took me to his main office where already 2 TC 1 HEAD TC and 4 people were standing whom the TC had caught without ticket. I entered i again told my whole story the second TC said keep your mobile and wallet and go to atm remove cash and pay the fine. I was ready to pay the fine but i wasnt ready to keep my valuables such as phone and wallet instead i told them i can keep my bag and one of you come with me hold my hand take me to ATM and ill pay the fine. The second TC started blasting at me in anger shouting at top of his voice and man handling me. He pushed me thrice and talked in a very bad tone even when i was agreeing to pay the fine, the only thing i didnt agree was that I wouldn't keep my expensive valuables but ill keep my bag. He started pushing me in front of 2TC's and 3/4 people. I coudnt control myself and i started shouting then i took my phone and started shooting them and in video the 3 people along with TC who stopped me agreed that he pushed me. He called higher authorities and one constable 2star and 3 more people while i was shouting and shooting video. They all came the police listened to what i said and when i said i was ready to pay but he pushed me he had a 5 second silence because he actually did and i was still shooting video. This went on for 20 minutes. They asked me what will i do to stop creating a scene. I said tell the TC to apologise to me. Hearing this they ALL pounced at me. 3 TC/1 HEAD TC/1 2star POLICE OFFICER and his assistant maybe and two more people in back. I was alone defending myself they started pressurising me and told me now we don't want fine come to the court with us ! The HEAD TC also wrote a memo for the court that i was not giving any of my id proof and was misbehaving with them and not paying the fine. ! They very cunningly presurised me with court and all jail ki dhamki I bluntly shouted "HAAN CHALO LEKE MEKO PROBLEM NAHI HE LEKIN 'MEKO EK PHONE KARNE DO' AUR SATHME ME YE GAWALOG KO BHI SATH LEKE CHALUNGA FOR PROOF". They Disagreed to it. And all were shouting at me. The TC who misbehaved with me also tried to snatch the phone from my hand. Finally the police office talked to me and he took me to the ATM I withdrew ₹300 and payed the fine of ₹260. The constable and his assistant who was looking educated checked my phone. I myself deleted 2 videos of the scene in front of them. They still check my phone twice. And also the TC whom i targeted in video again shouted in fromt of them that let him chck his phone. I didnt let anyone touch my phone but the head TC took the phone from my hand and checked my whatsapp/gallary/videos/camera. I deleted the videos from the gallary BUT I HAD THEM IN MY 'RECENTLY DELETED FILES'. So i have managed to recover the videos back which clearly shows everyone's face/id/tc batch number etc. They also mentioned
"Hum aurto ko bhi aise dhakka dete he toh smjh k leti he tum 20 sal k ladke ho tum kya ho sharam karo" But still they didn't apologise to me instead i sarcastically apologised to each and everyone and said "sir sorry agar mene scene create kia par wo jo unhone kia wo galat he unko maafi mang leni chayiye". NO ONE APOLOGISED. I PAYED THE FINE. And i LEFT in anger.

Had complained to Central Railway- DRM , Mr Ravindra Goyal about this and I really appreciate his prompt response & I quote

"I will get this thoroughly investigated and at the outset would apologize if the staff has been on wrong."

We should appreciate the person for his quick response and apology

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