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Thread: Google Assistant for Androids

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    Google Assistant for Androids

    Google Assistant is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Google and announced at Google I/O in May 2016. Unlike Google Now, Google Assistant can engage in two-way conversations. Assistant initially debuted as part of Google's messaging app Allo, and its voice-activated speaker Google Home

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    The Google Assistant is coming soon to Android Marshmallow and Nougat phones. Instantly find your Google Photos, access your music playlists, pull up your flight itinerary and more. To get started, touch and hold the Home button.
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    Ask it anything.
    Search for the capital of Botswana or find translations in over 100 languages. Ask your Assistant for your flight status, and what the weather’s like when you get there.

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    Tell it to do things.
    Tell your Assistant to play your jazz playlist or dim the lights through Google Home. Make a reservation, set a reminder or send a message with the help of your Assistant on Pixel.

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    Get help around the house.
    With Google Home, you will be able to get hands-free help from your Assistant. Turn up your party mix, get the morning news, manage your schedule and control your smart home without lifting a finger. Just start with "Ok Google".

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    Find answers on the go.
    Android Wear brings the Google Assistant to your wrist. Even when your hands are full, you can quickly send text messages, set reminders, or get directions. Just hold the power button or say “Ok Google”.

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    Your Assistant works with your favorite stuff, too.
    Your Google Assistant will learn over time, working with your favorite services and home devices. Shuffle your chill playlist on your phone. Stream videos to your TV, dim the lights or turn down the heat with the help of your Assistant on Google Home.

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    Safe, secure and in your control.
    You choose what to share with your Google Assistant, whether it’s on Google Allo or Google Home. If you ever ask your Assistant for help from other services, you stay in control of the information you share. Easily manage or delete your past conversations with your Assistant at any time.

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    Make Plans with Friends

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    Meet your Google Assistant, your own personal Google

    Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help.

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