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    friendship poems

    For you, My Best Friend

    This is for you, my best friend,
    the one person i can tell my soul too
    Who can relate to me like no other
    Who I can laugh with to no extents,
    Who I can cry too when times are tough,
    Who can help me with the problems of my life.
    Never have you turned your back on me
    Or told me I wasnt good enough
    Or let me down
    I don't think you know what that means to me
    You have went through so much pain and you still have time
    For me.
    And I love you for listening even when inside YOU are dying
    And I look up too you because you are strong,
    and caring and beautiful.
    Even though you don't think you are.
    And I hope you know that I am always here
    To listen to you laugh and cry and help
    In all the ways that i can
    And I will try to be at least half the friend you are
    To me.
    I hope you know I would not be the person I am today, with out you.
    My best friend.

    Keeper of my Dreams

    When you're not here to share my days and nights
    My life is so incomplete
    For you are my heart, my soul
    The ‘oneness’ I had known to seek

    Without you I merely exist from day to day
    With you I know that I will find
    All that I have been searching for
    My completeness, my eternal peace of mind

    You are the keeper of my dreams
    The man who holds my heart in his hands
    The one I want to spend my life with
    The one with whom I will always stand

    Stand beside through thick and thin
    Through all that life will throw our way
    Knowing that this special love we share
    Will guide us, each and every day

    This journey was started long ago
    Before this time and place
    The journey of completeness
    As two hearts and souls embrace

    Forever is what I want with you
    For the search is at an end
    Our hearts have found each other
    As lovers, as soul-mates, as friends.

    Special Someone

    Someone to lean on
    Someone to love
    With arms wide open
    You offer a hug

    Someone to cry with
    Laugh with and smile
    Someone to make
    Every moment worthwhile

    When times get rough
    And my world falls apart
    You're someone I run to
    You offer your heart

    From tearful shoulders
    To stomach-aching laughs
    You're someone I need
    And someone everyone should have

    You're someone who can always
    Show me the brighter side
    And I can always tell you
    What I feel inside

    Someone to be thankful for
    Someone to never forget
    You're someone special I'll always love
    You're the best friend I've ever met

    Power of a Friend

    As I am awakened swiftly
    From a deep and peaceful sleep
    My heart is racing wildly
    Like a million little feet.

    The panic that I used to feel
    Has turned to something new
    A feeling of strength and power
    That I have somehow learned from you.

    You have empowered me
    To take a look within
    And find the love of a friend
    Where fear had always been.

    So, now I reach into the dark
    And feel the ray of light
    From the love a friend sends to me
    Shinning bright into the night.

    By Your Side

    It hurts to know you’re hurting
    Because you’re so special in my heart
    The pain that you are feeling
    Is tearing me apart

    But know that love has a way
    Of easing all that’s wrong
    Together we can make it
    If we hold on and just be strong

    Know that you’re not alone
    In all your adversity
    For by your side through and through
    Is where I’ll always be

    My Precious Friend

    We all need someone
    To talk to in our life,
    A friend to whom we run
    In times of stress or strife

    A friend who's always there
    Throughout the years,
    A friend we know will care
    And take away our fears.

    A friend who's always near,
    Waiting for our call,
    To wipe away our tears,
    And lift us when we fall.

    A loving friend indeed,
    On whom we can depend
    To fulfill our every need -
    Thank you, precious friend

    All Friends are Not Forever

    Friends are who you need the most,
    When times are not so right.
    They come and go so frequently,
    You hope you pick one right.

    The right one listens with both ears,
    And soothes your aching heart.
    The right one never questions you,
    When you seem to fall apart.

    The friend for you is one who says,
    "Be calm and let me help"
    For there are some real bad days,
    When life hits you below the belt.

    All friends are not forever,
    They are few and far between,
    But the few true friends you do find,
    Will never, ever leave.

    The Gift of Knowing You

    There are gifts of many treasures
    For both the young and old,
    From the tiniest little trinkets
    To great boxes filled with gold.

    But, put them all together
    And they could not stand in lieu,
    Of the greatest gift of all
    The gift of knowing you.


    When your times are filled with troubles
    Sadness, grief, or even doubt,
    When all those things you planned on
    Just aren't turning out.

    Just turn and look behind you
    From the place at which you stand,
    And look for me through the shadows
    And reach out for my hand.

    I will lift from you your burden
    And cry for you your tears,
    Bear the pain of all your sorrows
    Though it may be for a thousand years.

    For in the end I would be happy
    To have helped you start anew,
    It's a small price to pay
    For the gift of knowing you.

    A Friend Whos Always There

    If I could catch a rainbow
    I would do it just for you,
    And share with you its beauty
    On the days you're feeling blue

    If I could build a mountain
    You could call your very own,
    A place to find serenity,
    A place to be alone

    If I could take your troubles
    I would toss them in the sea,
    But all these things I'm finding
    Are impossible for me

    I cannot build a mountain,
    Or catch a rainbow fair,
    But let me be what I know best,
    A friend who's always there

    The Sort of Friend

    I'd like to be the sort of friend that
    you have been to me;
    I'd like to be the help that
    you've been always glad to be;

    I'd like to mean as much to you
    each minute of the day
    As you have meant, old friend of mine,
    to me along the way.

    I'd like to do the big things and
    the splendid things for you,
    To brush the gray from out your skies
    and leave them only blue;

    I'd like to say the kindly things that
    I so oft have heard,
    And feel that I could rouse your soul
    the way that mine you've stirred.

    I'd like to give you back the joy
    that you have given me,
    Yet that were wishing you a need
    I hope will never be;

    I'd like to make you feel as rich as I,
    who travel on
    Undaunted in the darkest hours with you to
    lean upon.

    I'm wishing at this time that I
    could but repay
    A portion of the gladness that
    you've strewn along my way;

    And could I have one wish this year,
    this only would it be:
    I'd like to be the sort of friend
    that you have been to me.

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