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Thread: Messy kids ....what to do ?

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    Messy kids ....what to do ?

    Messy kids ....what to do ?

    If you have a child with impulsive behavior, disorganization, and that makes a mess
    wherever they go, the following tips will help them, and you, to stay patient.


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    Tip #1 - Set times for homework
    Set times for homework. By setting 'chunks' of time for each
    assignment (this could be quarter or half hour slots), it enables
    your child to stay fresh and not get too bored with doing the
    same piece of work for long periods.

    Tip #2 - Make lists

    Help them to get into the habit of writing lists. This could
    be for homework, household chores or reminders of things
    to do or stuff to take into school. Buy them a little notebook
    which will fit easily into the pocket and can be carried
    around at all times.

    Tip #3 - Prepare the night before

    Plan the next day and discuss it with your child before
    they go to bed. Help them to lay their school uniform
    out and ensure they have their bag packed ready for
    school. This eliminates those horrendous mornings
    when you end up running round like a headless chicken
    looking for ties, school bus passes, matching pairs of
    socks etc.

    Tip #4 - Create a homework area

    Set a position in their room for homework. Ensure
    they have a desk or some sort of flat surface where
    they can do their work. Keep plenty of pans and pencils
    available for them to lay their hands on at all times.

    Tip #5 - Leave notes

    Leave notes for your child if he or she is old enough to
    read. "Bring your hot water bottle down" or "Dirty
    washing goes in the wash-basket" act as gentle
    reminders for the child who tends to be messy.

    Tip #6 - Provide storage

    Provide plenty of storage in the way of wire baskets,
    plastic crates or shoe boxes for them to keep their toys
    or belongings in. Hang plastic hooks behind their
    bedroom door to hang their clothes on to save them
    being strewn all over the bedroom floor.

    Tip #7 - Clean out the junk

    Children like these usually have bedrooms which
    look like they have been burgled. So to keep the mess
    at least manageable, every week clean out and throw
    out unused items.

    Tip #8 - Regulate mealtimes

    Try to keep mealtimes to round about the same times
    every day. This establishes routine and makes children
    secure in knowing that things will happen the same
    every day. The same goes for bedtimes. Keep turning in
    to the same time every night.

    Tip #9 - Use a family calendar

    Always use, so therefore encouraging your children to
    use, a calendar for your commitments and any family birthdays
    or anniversaries. Wall planners are good as you can see at
    a glance what you have planned without having to flick
    through pages.

    Tip #10 - Encourage and reward

    Finally, encourage good habits by letting your children
    help you with your own chores and always reward for a job
    well done. If your kids have at least tried to keep things tidy,
    you should let them know how you have noticed this with a
    reward and encouragement to do it again the next time.

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    shoooooooo cute......

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    i will never allow this monster to hold my baby... lolz....

    the baby gal wearing headphone is shoooooooooooooooooooo cute i love her.... kuchi kuchi koo

    the next baby having haircut.... lolz... awwww.... she is soooooo adorable.... love her...

    and the baby gal trying to wear gloves on her feet... God... why babies do so cute nothings....i love them all... innocent unconscious artsist.... they know the art to make us smile and happy.... but they r soooooooooooooooooo naughty and some times hyperactive... lolz...

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