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Thread: When you love someone

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    When you love someone

    When you love someone

    you'll do anything.

    You'll do all the crazy things


    that you can't explain.

    You'll fly to the moon,

    or reach for the sun

    when you love someone.

    You'll deny the truth,

    believe the lies.

    There will be times that you believe

    you can really fly.

    But your life has really just begun

    when you love someone.

    When you love someone and feel it deep inside,

    and nothing else could ever change your mind.

    When you want someone,

    when you need someone,

    when you love someone,

    you'll sacrifice.

    Give everything you've got.

    You won't think twice.

    You risk it all.

    No matter what the cost

    when you love someone.

    You'll fly to the moon

    and touch the sun

    when you love someone.

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    Very true Atif.I mean its a fact of life,everyone knows dat but u know love is blind, cant help it yaar.

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