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Thread: Turmeric To The Rescue : Wonderfully Fair Skin

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    Turmeric To The Rescue : Wonderfully Fair Skin

    Turmeric To The Rescue : Wonderfully Fair Skin

    If you want to get rid of these skin ailments, turmeric would be the right herbal remedy. It has got tremendous healing power. You must use raw turmeric. Make a paste or a bit of powder apply on your face. Keep it for sometime till you cover the fifteen minutes. Honey can be used if you want, on the face on top of the turmeric paste for effective cleaning. However, it is not compulsory to use honey, without it also you can do.


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    The application must be carried out at night before sleeping or an hour before. Then it gets dissolved effectively and penetrates deep inside your skin and heals the skin problem. The next morning wash off with mild face wash or with rose water.

    Sometimes colour might be very stubborn to go so, in that case you can use face wash otherwise rose water is sufficient. It is very effective if you do it regularly. If you have age spot then use turmeric to remove it. You will be able to see or notice a visible improvement in your skin. If you are looking for a fair glow, turmeric would be the perfect choice. This herbal remedy does not only solve spot problem but other skin related ailments as well.
    Turmeric To The Rescue : Troubled Throats

    Curing a troubled throat could prove to be a rather painful affair. Dealing with sore throats can be quite a nuisance, and recovery takes its normal course regardless of the medication used. Though medicines may help soothe the throat temporarily and give short-lived relief, the best way to address problems of the throat is to use simple remedies available at home.

    Gargling is the best method to give the throat instant relief. Use hot water that is mixed with turmeric and salt and gargle for a few minutes. Notice the difference it makes immediately. Another substitute to the salt and turmeric is the use of a paracetamol. This is useful if the condition is very severe.

    Make a fine powder of black peppers. To this add a few drops of honey to make a viscous solution. Every half hour, take a drop of this mixture and suck on it. It is proven to give instant relief.

    A concentrate made using ginger extract, honey, and lemon juice is very soothing, and also helps heal sore throats. This can be safely administered upto four times a day. A note of caution is that this concentrate produces a fair amount of heat in the body. Hence, moderate use is recommended if the climate is a little warm.

    The best treatment for sore throats is turmeric. Turmeric has a healing property that not only cures but also soothes irritated and wounded areas. Have a glass of warm milk with half a teaspoon on turmeric added to it. When taken before going to bed, it not only ensures you sound sleep, but also heals the throat faster.
    It may be worthwhile to stop and look in your own household medicine chest before you run to the chemist for lozenges the next time you have a throat problem. Not only are you saving your body from unwanted medication, but also giving yourself a safer, better cure.

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