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    atleast create a single thread so that i can reply u at single place

    darani want to clear a few things

    1) if u have said me any thing in pm then it would have a better option and we can sort this matter privately that could be ur first option and for the second action u can protest publicly. that could be a better option , but even now its ok for me. i have no problem in replying ur questions

    2) when u decided to leave this forum i asked u again and again that darani u have any issue just tell me. but u didnt point any thing and said u are leaving. i was surprised but i thought that it can be ur personal problem.

    3) why i appointed new mods?
    because i was feeling that there were too many names in mods list who even dont come online. i dont want to mention names here . so i decided that i will remove all ,if any one will contact me that why i am removed then i will place him again as a mod because this will prove that he is still there and want to continue moderating. Honestly this was what i thought.

    again i want to clerify
    i just want to short list the people who are still coming and have time to moderate.

    now if u remember , it happened once that napster was shouting that someone is deleting my posts , and in this forum as we dont have any system to trace out moderator activity , so we were unable to find that person , since then i try , that moderator list should be small so i notice all activities.

    so i just want to shortlist the mods , and i have no intention for insult or anything else.

    if darani and napster want to be a mod, they dont need to request me , just pm me , that we r back and we have time , make me mod and thats all. i will make its not an issue.

    and now about the nudity of posts issue.

    what posts i think contain nudity , pics in which bra , or bikni is used or wrong words are used , should be considered as x. and i allow them to delete whoever is the poster.

    as darani said that i protected some of the users posts from getting deleted , i dont remember exactly, but i think yes i did it , but now at this time i say that whoever is the poster i dont stop u to delete such a post. i can be wrong at that time , but today i am with the mods and they delete and remove what they want to , i never ask them or stop them. just direct them how to do that.

    and i again say that darani u should contact me as a first option , if i deny u any thing then u must come here at public. but still if u and napster want to take the responsibility of moderator , i welcome u again.

    this is all result of confusion , i think we should stop arguing.



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    i think u r right

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