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Thread: I Had To Work 4 Jobs, 110 Hours A Week So I Could Save Up Money To Travel The World

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    I Had To Work 4 Jobs, 110 Hours A Week So I Could Save Up Money To Travel The World

    My life story was pretty simple until I went traveling. I was born and raised in Lithuania, after I went to study abroad in UK, London. After graduation, I worked for a year in the high fashion industry when I felt something was missing in my life. You probably know what I'm talking about - waking up in the morning and already looking forward to being back in bed. When I met my boyfriend, we were friends for a long time, and for as long as remember he was dreaming about leaving London and go traveling. I, naturally, got hooked up with the idea pretty fast and then we started planning our travels. He already had some savings, but my clock was ticking. I had 4months to save money for our travel starting from 0. I got 4 jobs and dedicated myself into money saving, sometimes working 110 hours a week. My opinion? It was hell, but absolutely worth it. I ate only at work, as I didn't have any days off there was nothing I could spend my money on apart from rent. After I started renting my room, often crashing at my friend's couch. You don't need to go that extreme obviously, but my point is if I did, anyone can if there is enough willpower!
    We left the UK with absolute excitement. I took all my photography gear and was ready to capture all the beauty we could find. I'm teaching Marco photography, later he even started to retouch his own pictures, which is absolutely amazing knowing it took him a couple of months when it took me the couple of years haha.
    We decided to find a job during our travels and stay in one place a little bit longer. We were offered an operation managers position in a resort in Koh Rong Island, Cambodia. We are currently living a beach life and planning to be back on the road in March. We are traveling with a motorbike and have to say its the best way to travel! Countless adventures and stories to tell.

    Old Bagan, Myanmar. I Was Dreming To Visit This Place Long Time Ago. Best And Most Crowded Times Are Sunrise And Sunset, But Doors Are Open For Exploring Pagodas As There Are More Than 2000 Of Them

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    Marrakech, Morocco. Mamounia Hotel Strikes Again With Their Beautiful Architecture

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    Early Mornings In Koh Rong Island With My Favourite Dog

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    Taghazout, Morocco. Back To The Time When We Spend Most Of Our Evening Accomponied By Campfire

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    Otres Beach, Cambodia

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    Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia. Somewhere In The Jungles

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    Taghazout, Morocco. Morning Views From Our Penthouse

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    Marrakech, Morocco. One Of The Most Beautiful Hotels I've Ever Been - Mamounia. You Really Get To Feel Like A Sultan!

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    Sunset In Marrakech, Morocco

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    Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia. More Awesome Camping And A Date Night

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