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Thread: Beauty Queens On The Catwalk Vs Real Life

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    Beauty Queens On The Catwalk Vs Real Life

    It goes without saying that beauty queens are, well, beautiful. But as you can see from the pictures below, they're even more beautiful when they're not on the catwalk.
    Beauty competitions like Miss World and Miss Universe often require the contestants to wear incredible amounts of makeup and dress in various eye-catching outfits, but we're sure you'll agree that these women look so much better in the photographs taken from their real lives. The list of pictures includes beauty queens from several countries including The Philippines, Spain, Colombia and Venezuela. Which one do you think looks the best?

    Megan Young (Philippines), Miss World 2013

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    Paulina Vega (Colombia), Miss Universe 2014

    Name:  (2).jpg
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    Dayana Mendoza (Venezuela), Miss Universe 2008

    Name:  (3).jpg
Views: 896
Size:  120.9 KB

    Azra Akin (Turkey), Miss World 2002

    Name:  (4).jpg
Views: 888
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    Leila Lopes (Angola), Miss Universe 2011

    Name:  (5).jpg
Views: 894
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    Olivia Culpo (USA), Miss Universe 2012

    Name:  (6).jpg
Views: 895
Size:  188.8 KB

    Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach (Philippines), Miss Universe 2015

    Name:  (7).jpg
Views: 874
Size:  91.6 KB

    Riyo Mori (Japan), Miss Universe 2007

    Name:  (8).jpg
Views: 879
Size:  102.6 KB

    Natalie Glebova (Canada), Miss Universe 2005

    Name:  (9).jpg
Views: 883
Size:  128.8 KB

    Ximena Navarrete (Mexico), Miss Universe 2010

    Name:  (10).jpg
Views: 880
Size:  118.9 KB

    Rolene Strauss (South Africa), Miss World 2014

    Name:  (11).jpg
Views: 872
Size:  113.4 KB

    Stefania Fernandez (Venezuela), Miss Universe 2009

    Name:  (12).jpg
Views: 878
Size:  118.8 KB

    Ivian Sarcos (Venezuela), Miss World 2011

    Name:  (13).jpg
Views: 871
Size:  120.9 KB

    Yu Wenxia (China), Miss World 2012

    Name:  (14).jpg
Views: 874
Size:  163.8 KB

    Maria Gabriela Isler (Venezuela), Miss Universe 2013

    Name:  (15).jpg
Views: 863
Size:  90.4 KB

    Mireia Lalaguna (Spain), Miss World 2015

    Name:  (16).jpg
Views: 866
Size:  108.6 KB

    Ksenia Sukhinova (Russia), Miss World 2008

    Name:  (17).jpg
Views: 867
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    Zuleyka Jerrís Rivera Mendoza (Puerto Rico), Miss Universe 2006

    Name:  (18).jpg
Views: 863
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    Kaiane Aldorino (Gibraltar), Miss World 2009

    Name:  (19).jpg
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    Alexandria Mills (USA) Miss World 2010

    Name:  (20).jpg
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