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Thread: A Healthy School Lunchbox

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    A Healthy School Lunchbox

    A Healthy School Lunchbox

    A Healthy School Lunchbox

    Getting Kids to Eat Food Packed in their Lunchboxes is the real Success

    As a new school year begins, parents once again renew the struggle to pack healthy lunches for their kids. Dietitians and nutritionists agree that a child's lunchbox should include fruit, vegetables, whole-grain bread, a high-calcium source (milk or a calcium-rich food), and a protein source such as a lean meat, beans, or cheese. I also believe it's important to expand your child's palate by offering a variety of textures and colors to foster a lifelong appreciation of a wider range of food.


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    Here are some of my recommendations to help make lunchboxes healthier for the new school year:

    * Choose whole-grain bread for sandwiches for added fiber
    * Choose 100% juice or low-fat milk containers instead of sodas or energy drinks
    * Add calcium-rich low-fat string cheese and low-fat yogurt for strong bones
    * Replace potato chips with unsalted crackers or popcorn
    * Use peanut butter without added sugar or oil and whole-fruit preserves in your PB&J sandwiches
    * Always add fresh fruit -- kids should eat at least one piece per day. Among other benefits it will help them appreciate the taste of natural sugars
    * Add at least one vegetable (celery sticks, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, etc.)
    * Choose tuna, lean chicken, or turkey for sandwiches instead of corned beef or bologna
    * Keep mayonnaise on sandwiches to a minimum

    Also, let your child participate in the lunchbox preparation by letting them make some choices as well -- like choosing which vegetable or fruit to add. And lastly, don't forget to regularly sneak a little note of encouragement into the box. This thoughtful little gesture will be remembered for a lifetime.

    Teacher’s Help

    Children who have just started school may need a little supervision from the class teacher to make sure they eat during lunch hours. Most young school kids are too preoccupied with play and games that they will happily forgo lunch just to get their fix of fun. If your child often comes home with untouched lunch or half-eaten lunch, talk to the class teacher about your concerns. She can help encourage the child to eat more before he runs off to play with his friends.
    Eating Guidance

    Some younger school children may also need some guidance on what the food order is. Use colors as a guide if the child still can’t read very well. Many snap lock bags now come in different colors. For instance, Mum can say that sandwiches in the red bag should be eaten first followed by the fruits in the green bag. The sweets and candy in the blue bag should be the last to be eaten. If the kids can read, put a note inside the lunchbox as a guide.

    Good food safety practices, involving the child in choosing the food, asking help from the teacher and giving eating guidance are ways to help kids to eat their lunch. Don’t worry too much if the problem persists. Mums can still get their kids to eat some healthy snacks when they come home from school to make up for what they’ve missed during lunchtime.

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    ohhh..nice zara needs one...

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