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Thread: World's Largest aircrafts

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    World's Largest aircrafts

    World's Largest aircrafts

    List of large aircraft


    A size comparison between four of the largest aircraft.

    This is a list of notably large aircraft.

    * 1 Fixed-wing
    o 1.1 Civilian
    o 1.2 Military
    o 1.3 Experimental/proposed
    * 2 Helicopters and rotary wing aircraft
    * 3 Dirigible
    * 4 Other

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    Aero Spacelines Super Guppy

    The Super Guppy is a large, wide-bodied US cargo aircraft used for ferrying outsized cargo components. It was the successor to the Pregnant Guppy, the first of the Guppy aircraft produced by Aero Spacelines, Inc. Five were built in two variants, both of which were colloquially referred to as the "Super Guppy."



    Boeing XB-15

    The Boeing XB-15 (Boeing 294) was a United States bomber aircraft designed in 1934 as a test for the United States Army Air Corps to see if it would be possible to build a heavy bomber with a 5,000 mile (8,000 km) range. It was originally designated the XBLR-1 (experimental bomber, long range). When it first flew, it was the most massive and most voluminous airplane ever built in the United States. It set a number of load-to-altitude records, including a 31,205-pound flight to 8,200 feet (July 30, 1939).

    The aircraft's immense size allowed for passages within the wing, which the crew could use to make minor repairs in flight. Due to the technology of the time, a 5,000 mile flight took thirty-three hours at its 152-mph cruising speed; the crew was made up of several shifts, and bunks allowed them to sleep when off duty



    HM Airship R100 was a privately designed and built rigid airship built as part of a two-ship competition to develop new techniques for a projected larger airship for British military use. The other airship, R101, was built by the UK Air Ministry.

    One goal was to eventually offer a regular and comfortable trans-Atlantic service, akin to that eventually offered by the German Graf Zeppelin. Soon after 1920, Vickers' experts had calculated that the fare on an airship journey might be £45 (around US$215 at the time),[1] compared to a contemporary airliner fare of £115 (about $550), and the non-stop range of an airship would be far superior, making the journey quite competitive.

    Helicopters and rotary wing aircraft

    Mil Mi-26

    The Mil Mi-26 (Russian Миль Ми-26, NATO reporting name "Halo") is a Soviet/Russian heavy transport helicopter in service in civilian and military roles. It is the biggest and most powerful helicopter ever to have gone into production.

    A Soviet Mil Mi-26 helicopter participating in the Chernobyl nuclear reactor clean-up operation.


    Ground effect vehicle

    A ground effect vehicle (GEV) is one that attains level flight near the surface of the Earth, made possible by a cushion of high-pressure air created by the aerodynamic interaction between the wings and the surface known as ground effect. Also known as a wing-in-ground-effect (WIG) vehicle, flarecraft, sea skimmer, ekranoplan, or wing-in-surface-effect ship (WISE), a GEV can be seen as a transition between a hovercraft and an aircraft. The International Maritime Organization, (IMO), has classified the GEV as a ship. A GEV differs from an aircraft in that it cannot operate without ground effect, so its operating height is limited relative to its wingspan.
    Russian ekranoplan “Aquaglide 2”

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