The Story is about Mahavir Singh a honest police sub inspector of Nallur. He belongs to Nallur with his father having a respectable status in the village. His family business is provision stores and Mahavir Singh wants to join it, but he joined police due to his father's wishes. He resolves most of the problems in his village with non-violence and mutual counselling. He uses force only when the situation demands it, thereby gaining much reputation and love from the villagers. Mahalingam is an industrialist in Chennai and a friend of Mahavir Singh's father . He comes to the village with his beautiful daughter Kavya. Eventually Mahavir Singh and Kavya fall in love with each other. Everything seems to be smooth until Chennai based Shankar, a big-time extortionist with shady mafia dealings who blackmails people by complaining to the Income Tax Department, is required to travel to Nallur to sign a conditional bail. He instead, sends one of his allies to do the formalities, much to the anger and rage of Mahavir Singh who demands Shankar sign the bail in person. Humiliated, Shankar reaches Nallur but is unable to take any revenge on Mahavir Singh fearing the immense love and devotion of the entire village towards Mahavir Singh. Using his political contacts, he gets Mahavir Singh transferred to Chennai to teach him a lesson. The gangster then swears to seek revenge and humiliate him.

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