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Thread: How to Study for a Test Without Cramming

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    How to Study for a Test Without Cramming

    How to Study for a Test Without Cramming
    There is a way to study for a test without cramming. The first and most important way for this to work, is based on notes taken in class. If you are not willing to take notes, than this is NOT for you. Start by trying this method with a class you are comfortable in. When you see how well it works, you will definitely want to put it in place for your other classes.


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    1. Get about 10 sheets of copy (computer) paper, a spiral notebook large enough for the class you are attending, and a three-ringed binder, either large enough for the class you are attending, or to contain notes for several classes, which ever is best for you.
    2. Fold and cut the copy paper sheets in half, making them 8.5" x 5.5". At the top of the first sheet for that day, write the class you are in and the date. This will help with the organization of your information at a later time. You should never mix up your notes with several classes. Each group of note taking sheets should be kept in the associated book.
    3. Use these sheets to take notes on in class. Don't worry about how they look, if you scratch something out, if you have to write things out of order, or upside down. If you find the need to draw instructional pictures, or lines drawn from one point of information to another, definitely do so. This is for your use only, and the only person who needs to understand the information is you.
    4. Turn the pages over, or go to another sheet, as necessary, progressively numbering each page in the top right hand corner. By numbering them, if they were to get out of order, you can easily find how they should be organized. Again, do not worry about how things look. The most important thing here is to get the information given in class so you are able to use it at a later time.
    5. Remember as soon you get home from class, if any reading is required to correspond with the days lessons, it would be worth while to take notes, again on your note paper.
    6. Know that as soon as possible, preferably that evening, but before a test is scheduled, rewrite the information you took in class, and any associated reading notes, into a spiral notebook. This spiral notebook should be for this particular class only. There should be one notebook for each class. At this time, just rewrite the information in an more organized manner than on your note sheets.
    7. When a test is scheduled for that class, a day or two before the test, rewrite the information from the spiral notebook into the three ringed binder. At this time, you should take care to make sure all of the information is as organized as possible. Using an outline form can be very helpful.

    * If there any associated drawings, for example, a drawing of a plant cell and all of it's components versus an animal cell, include it in your binder in as much detail as possible. Do not worry about your skills as an artist, but concentrate on the accuracy of the information. Also, coloring in items in your drawings will help you to remember how things look. Once you have completed the above steps, put everything away, and don't look at it anymore before your test.

    8. Get to bed at a reasonable hour,the night before your test and get a full nights sleep. Make sure you have all of your materials needed for your test; i.e., pens, pencils, calculators, etc.

    * The morning of your test, get up early and eat a healthy breakfast. Taking a test on an empty stomach, or a stomach with out the proper food, is like trying to drive your car 100 miles on two gallons of gas. You will move along fine for a while, but will eventually poop out.
    * Arrive to your test a little early to avoid panic and rushing.When you in your class at your desk, don't panic about the test. Take a couple of deep breaths and relax. You have done a lot of work preparing for your test, and the information is in your brain ready to be called on.
    * As you take your test, you will find you will be able to recall the information you wrote or drew. Sometimes, after reading a question, you can close your eyes, and you will actually be able to see your notes in your mind. The idea is, you have seen the information so many times, you have actually stored that information in your brain with out trying to cram it in there.
    9. Understand that what this method works, is your persistence in following the above noted steps. If you don't do all of the steps, most likely you will not be able to retain the information as well. Good luck!

    * Cut about 10 sheets of copy paper so they are 5.5" x 8.5".
    * Take accurate notes in class not worrying how neat the information is.
    * Indicate the class and the date at the top of the first note sheet.
    * Number each note sheet to keep the information in order.
    * Take notes from any associated reading.
    * As soon as possible after your class, preferably that evenings, copy all of the notes into a spiral notebook just for that class in a more organized manner.
    * A day or two before a scheduled test, rewrite the notes from the spiral notebook into a 3 ringed binder as neatly and as organized as possible using an outline format.
    * If any drawings are needed, do not worry about the artistic quality of your drawing but the accuracy of the information.
    * Highlight very important information, and use color for the illustrations.
    * The night before your test, organize the materials needed for the test.
    * Get a good nights sleep.
    * The morning of your test, eat a healthy breakfast.
    * Get to your testing area early.
    * Take a few deep breaths, and relax.
    * The morning of your test, do a few short exercises like jumping jacks, running in place or sit-ups. This will get the blood flowing and help motivate you.

    How to Cheer Yourself up After a Crummy Test

    Just had a test? Certain you've done really badly in it? Exhausted from the effort, worried by the knowledge that you didn't do well? This usually happens to everybody some point or other during the course of their lives. If you've just taken a crummy test, you'll probably be feeling upset, worried, frustrated or down. But don't let it get you down-read this article to learn how to cheer yourself up after one of those crummy tests.

    1. Promise Yourself It Won't Happen Again. Tell yourself that next time, you'll be prepared and properly educated on the test topic. Believe in yourself and make sure you stick to your word. You can prevent it from happening again by paying more attention, studying harder, and/or just trying to learn as much as you can.
    2. Talk to a parent or teacher. It may sound silly, but once you choose the right adult, things can go pretty smoothly!
    3. Talk to a Friend who you know will understand. It may seem pointless and a waste of time, but just getting everything off your chest can really help. Confide in your friend about why you feel bad, what specifically is getting you down-every detail.
    4. Distract Yourself. Keep yourself busy all the time. Don't leave yourself with any time to start thinking about the test, or you'll start feeling down again. It's good to get your feelings out, but after that's over, accept life and move on.
    5. Do Something to Make You Laugh. Whether it be hanging out with your friends, watching a funny T.V show or reading a joke book, do something that you know will make you laugh. You may not feel like it at first, but once you get into it, you'll feel better.
    6. Do An Activity That Makes You Feel Good About Yourself. Try exercising-Exercise often gives you a boost in not only health and energy, but confidence and happiness. You can hang out with your friends, draw, write, read-anything that makes you personally feel better about yourself.
    7. Pamper Yourself. Give yourself a manicure. Listen to some relaxing music and close your eyes. Give yourself a massage. Take a bubble bath-anything that gets you feeling really good and like you're living a glamorous life.

    * For more help on preparing for tests, see Study for a Casual Test or Quiz, Study for Exams, and Study Better.
    * Try asking your teacher what you can do to earn extra credit-this will help you top up your grades.
    * Always concentrate in class. It's hard, but it's also essential. You can prevent crummy tests by paying attention and studying.
    * When you hear about a test, write it down immediately. Then you can start studying early, and get yourself prepared.
    * Do not turn to junk food for comfort. It may make you feel better, but in the long run, it's not good for you.
    * If you can help it, try not to talk to a friend who did excellent on the test-it may just make you feel worse.
    * Check out the related articles-they're all helpful.

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    great info... i do the same in while getting a class...

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