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Thread: Jewish settlers occupy Palestinian home

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    Jewish settlers occupy Palestinian home

    Jewish settlers occupy Palestinian home
    Israel occupy Palestinian land,Hamas RESIST israeli ILLEGAL occupation,then HOW can Hamas be terrorists?
    They r Freedomfighters who fight to free their occupied land.

    israel OCCUPY by force Palestinian land since 1948 as by the UN ,despite "+40 UN resolutions" against israel to return the land.

    Hamas is resistance group started in 1988 to "resist" the israeli ILLEGAL occupation & settlements on the Palestinian land.

    israeli terrorists want to take all Palestine & deny the real NATIVE ppl of the land (the Palestinians) any rights,
    using Barbaric HOLOCAUSTS to force the Palestinians to STOP resisting the illegal occupation or leave the land ?! how brutal !

    israel said it left Gaza strip,while in fact israel kept control of land ,sea & airspace of Gaza all the time,so how can it be free?

    israel think that cause they say that someone is a terrorist,so all the world have to believe ^ just repeat after them without thinking !!!
    So how come ppl r calling Hamas terrorists while the israeli r the real terrorists & OCCUPIERS?
    How come truth is so easily twisted & ppl believe it?

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    truth is always invisible
    but when its become visible by the grace of Allah all other will become blind

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