Shahid Afridi after keeping his patience for a very long time has finally replied
Shahid Afridi after keeping his patience for a very-very long time has finally replied to Javed Miandad. It was expected, Miandad false allegations have finally irked Boom Boom. Afridi in his latest media talk replied to Miandad in his trademark witty style.
Afridi said that Miandad always had money issues and he still has plenty of them. Afridi still did not lower his ethics. He said that Miandad is a big player and should not have said these words about him.
Now Miandad literally should have given his words a second thought before speaking them. He himself has a dark past. We all know about his greatness. In fact, people close to Miandad have always talked about him being too much ambitious about money. Not only this but he is always lured to take the center stage. He used to influence players to take his name only during pre or post-match interactions with media or at the presentation ceremony. This is the reason every bowler and every batter getting man of the match award named only him being the man behind his success. How can a man this greedy for money and egocentric be thought upon as the right one to throw allegations on Shahid Afridi?

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