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Thread: Best Bolly Actresses Of 2008

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    Best Bolly Actresses Of 2008

    Best Bolly Actresses Of 2008

    10. Anushka Sharma

    It takes a lot of pizzazz to stand against one Shah Rukh Khan in a Aditya Chopra film.

    Anushka Sharma had two of them to deal with. To her credit, the teenager fared exceptionally well under the given circumstances.


    Besides her self-assured personality, a glamour-less Anushka conveyed the reserved temperament and yet dilemma of her secretly romance-longing Taani with warmth and realism.

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    9. Preity Zinta

    Unlike rival Rani Mukerji, Preity chose to break from the cuteness mould to challenge herself with complicated characters in parallel films like The Last Lear and Heaven On Earth.

    Needless to say, it was most refreshing.

    Though cheering for her team, King's XI Punjab at the Indian Premiere League matches was top priority, she did squeeze in make time to play a martyr's wife for a touching act in Heroes.

    8. Kareena Kapoor

    The good thing about doing a memorable role is the obvious accolades and adulation that follow. The bad thing is how to better the best.

    Kareena Kapoor, however, chooses to play it safe by starring in two multi-starrers ? a hit (Golmaal Returns), a flop (Tashan) and lending her voice for the ho-hum animated flick (Roadside Romeo). While for most part, the media is obsessed with her size-zero and lime green swimsuit in Tashan, the actress cake walks through the role of a K-soaps obsessed housewife in the money-minting Golmaal franchise.

    After a mostly indifferent year, Bebo promises to change all that in 2009 with projects like 3 Idiots, Main Aur Mrs Khanna and Kambakth Ishq

    7. Prachi Desai

    One is conditioned to believe that a good performance is the sum of a blaring baritone and abundant hand movement.

    The soft-spoken bahu of Indian television changes that perception and how.

    Prachi Desai's modest albeit endearing presence in Rock On!! while displaying complex emotions, especially when confused about her husband's distant behaviour and mysterious past, is seriously super.

    The youngster connects to her audience with her inherent simplicity and approachable air. A sensational debut in the truest sense.

    6. Soha Ali Khan

    It's quite evident Soha Ali Khan is least enthused by the three songs-four scenes routine. That's what makes her career graph all too interesting.

    In 2008, she made her presence felt in one of the year's finest films, Mumbai Meri Jaan.

    Her gutsy, practical-to-the-point-of-being-questionable depiction of a TV journalist made for a compelling watch and stood proudly amidst an ensemble of superlative performances.

    And though Dil Kabaddi in itself was not worth taking seriously, Soha's quirky turn as the incessantly nagging, controlling and arty wife to Irrfan Khan was at once believable and comical.

    5. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

    Even if she's acted in numerous costume dramas, Jodhaa Akbar is special in more ways than one.
    Beneath the polished surface, adorned in elaborate polkis and jadaus, lies a performance
    sparkling with grace and radiant subtlety.

    Under director Ashutosh Gowarikar's insightful eye, Aishwarya finds a delicate balance between
    an undecided princess, reluctant queen, self-respecting individual and incurable romantic.

    Too bad Ram Gopal Varma's Sarkar Raj, which made lavish promises of portraying the beauty in a
    new light, failed to keep its word

    4. Kajol

    It takes a Kajol to provide credibility to the most disappointing of movies. And that's
    precisely what the powerhouse does for hubby Ajay Devgan's lacklustre directorial debut, U, Me
    Aur Hum. She lends it certain soul.

    Though there was nothing extraordinary about this excessive melodrama, Kajol's poignant turn as
    a patient battling the aftermath of Alzheimer's disease is most riveting and heartbreaking.

    Considering how little we see of the gifted actress, it's always a pleasure. Although it would
    be really appreciated it if she picked better scripts than Fanaa and this.

    3. Genelia DSouza

    No one could have played Aditi like Genelia did.

    The effortlessly likeable actress ensured there wasn't a hint of artificiality to her moody,
    bratty, feisty, egoistic, Princess-like Aditi making her instantly adorable and relatable to
    the entire nation.

    To think she made her debut in five years ago in a film called Tujhe Meri Kasam opposite
    Ritesh Deshmukh.

    Unlike Bollywood, which woke up to the vibrant young star only recently, Genelia D'Souza is
    already an established star down South. Her other Hindi release, Mere Baap Pehle Aap, too saw
    her infuse liveliness in an otherwise humdrum caper

    2. Priyanka Chopra

    Besides being the most visible actress of 2008, courtesy a whopping six (releases) pack,
    Priyanka Chopra was one of the most talked about too. Whether it was her red hair in the doomed
    Love Story 2050, action skills in Drona or insignificant appearances in Chamku and God Tussi
    Great Ho, the actress had a film on the anvil after every two months.

    Regardless of their non-starter status, Priyanka moved on to demonstrate her mettle in clearly
    confident and compelling portrayal of a super model in Fashion, which was both restrained and

    What really made this spruced-up avatar all the more fresh in our memories was a snazzy follow
    -up as the plump-pouted fashion editor of the mostly silly Dostana.

    1. Bipasha Basu

    Gone are the days when the heroine had to make an ear-splitting scene to get attention or have her way.

    Bipasha Basu's offers a crash course in the art of living life on your own terms, unapologetically through fiery, fiercely independent characters like Sonali (Race) or Shreya/Radhika (Bachna Ae Haseeno).

    Her icy cool disposition blended with a fire-breathing gaze and cutting remarks as the doting Betty turned vindictive Veronica in Bachna is stuff feminist dreams are made of. And even if you're not one, there's no denying the star's sheer charisma and hard-as-nails spunk.

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