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Thread: ICICI's Fraudlent manners

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    ICICI's Fraudlent manners


    ICICI bank. I got my credit card in Jan 2008 followed by a telemarketing girl who approved me for ICICI lombard insurance (Till date I haven't got my endorsement yet). My card number was transacted with some other person's health insurance. All of a sudden that insurance policy was cancelled and they charged Rs.10000 from my credit card. Based on this Issue I called up the call center and as usual no response hence I kept the dues pending in order to get it solved. BUT THESE USELESS CRAP BANK FELLOWS HAVE NOW BLOCKED MY SAVINGS ACCOUNT WITH OUT ANY PRIOR NOTIFICATION AND ARE TELLING ME TO PAY THE DUES TO RELEASE THE BLOCK. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. SO GUYS IN CASE IF YOU ARE TRANSACTING WITH ICICI BANK BEWARE. YOUR FUNDS ARE NOT SECURE...


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    hmmmm.. okayz.....

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    That is very baadddd!!!

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