Horrific moment tigers maul woman to death and wound another in ‪‎Beijing‬ safari park after the women exit car

Tigers killed a woman and severely injured another when they left their vehicle at a wildlife park in Beijing on Saturday.

The two women were part of a four-member family group being driven through Badaling Safari World, where part of the attraction is how closely the freely roaming lions and tigers can get to the vehicles.

During the trip, one of the women opened the door to get out. A tiger rushed up and snatched her in its jaws and pulled her away. The second woman, who was later reported to be the first one's mother, got out to rescue her, but another tiger attacked and killed her. Park management rescued the first woman, who was sent to hospital and was in stable condition on Sunday.

Visitors to the park, located in the Yanqing district near the Great Wall, are permitted to drive their own vehicles through the area but are warned not to get out. The park has been ordered to temporarily close while an investigation is carried out.


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