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Thread: Kalki Koechlin amazing photoshoot!!!!

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    Kalki Koechlin amazing photoshoot!!!!

    Koechlin married film-maker Anurag Kashyap in April 2011, at her maternal home in Ooty. The two met while filming her debut film Dev.D. On 13 November 2013, both Koechlin and Kashyap issued a joint statement addressing their separation. On 19 May 2015, Kashyap and Koechlin filed for divorce at a Mumbai family court. Amidst all the news and speculation surrounding the separation, Koechlin revealed that she regretted being so transparent about her personal life, stating in 2012 that: "It just takes centre stage instead of your work". Since her divorce, Koechlin has rarely mentioned her personal life in interviews.

    After the separation Koechlin said in an interview with Daily News and Analysis: " everyone has doubts, we're all human. Even as an actor, you have days when you haven't slept enough, you don't feel like you're good enough or pretty enough ... But ultimately, it's all about attitude. You must live with a little abandon and not be self-conscious. You ought to stop staring at yourself in the mirror, and just smile a little!"

    Koechlin identifies herself as a feminist and is also involved with several humanitarian causes. She is vociferous on a variety of issues, including education for children in rural areas, women's rights, gender equality, and gender pay inequality. She has also used YouTube as a platform or forum for issues that she advocates for. Koechlin actively participates in the P & G Shiksha campaign for educating children living in rural parts of India. Koechlin participated in the 2015 Mumbai Marathon, a charitable event that aimed to spread awareness about issues such as: education, health issues like cancer and AIDS, and senior citizen welfare. Koechlin was accompanied by Shonali Bose's cousin Malini Chib. Koechlin spoke at a conference on child sexual abuse organised by actor Rahul Bose's non-governmental organisation HEAL. Koechlin also opened up about going through sexual abuse at the age of nine.


    Koechlin wrote an article on gender pay inequality for the 22 August 2014 issue of Forbes India. She is vocal in her support for gender pay-gap issue: "Equal pay won't happen because there is a hero-based industry. So we need to strive for scripts that empower women, make women our heroes, too." She recited a monologue entitled An Intense Piece about the Truths of Womanhood on International Women's Day at the India Today Conclave. Koechlin was appointed by Vogue India as the ambassador for their Vogue Empower initiative to spread awareness of women's safety and empowerment.

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