Enjoy listening to these great sounds by Asal Malekzadeh, also called "The queen of daf ". Born in Tehran, Iran she is breaking many stereotypes regarding women, playing daf and other instruments.
Besides daf she plays other musical instruments such as Dayereh, Drums, and Congas.
Asal is a professor teaching at Alzahra university and she is giving concerts and workshops both in Iran and around the world
The daf is a large Persian frame drum used in popular and classical music. The frame is usually made of hardwood with many metal ringlets attached, and the membrane is usually goatskin. Daf is mostly used in the Middle East, Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Armenia, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asia, and usually accompanies singers and players of the tanbur, violin, oud, saz and other Middle Eastern instruments. Some dafs are equipped with small cymbals, making them look like a large tambourine.


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