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Thread: Holy Quran and Medical Science

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    Holy Quran and Medical Science

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    Quran has revealed absolute facts about medical science in its true perspective some 1400 years ago. This can be a fruit of thought for us.

    Surrah Ghafir - The Forgiver - No.40 - Verse: 67-68

    (The living proof of His Nizam-e-Rabubiat is your own self.) He initiated your creation out of inorganic matter. (Then He took you through various phases of evolution and brought you to the stage where life is created out of a sperm. In the uterus He converted the sperm into a leach form, the embryo, and then brought you into this world in the shape of a human child. Then you grow up and reach the age of maturity, following which you gradually become old. Some of you die in childhood while others reach the age when one is capable of using his wisdom and reason.) - verse 67

    Life is bestowed according to Allahs Laws. Death also occurs according to His Law. Such is the position of His all-encompassing powers that when He decides to do anything, its initial stage comes into existence instantly. (Then, according to His Law of Rabubiyyat, it reaches its destined goal having passed through various stags of evolution.) - verse 68
    Surrah Luqman - Luqmanr - No.31 - Verse: 34

    It is Allah Almighty alone Who knows when the last hour will come (although the process of compiling results continues all the time). Consider the rain for instance. Although it pours down at a particular time, its process had actually started quite sometime before. Also, take the example of the birth of a child. While the birth takes place at a particular time, the child has earlier gone through various stages in the mother's womb; and all these stages are in Allah's knowledge. - verse 34

    Surrah Al-Mu'minn - THE BELIEVERS - No.23 - Verse: 14

    Thereafter, out of the drop of semen, We created a suspended zygote (like a leech). From the zygote We created an embryonic lump. Next We fashioned the bones; which We then clothed with flesh. Verse: 14

    (Up to this point all stages are accomplished like normal animal life. But) Thereafter We infuse a speck of Divine Energy into it (32:7-9) and cause it to emerge as an entirely new creation (71:14). This new creation, which is totally different from other animals, is the human being. Just think of the great possibilities which Allah's Law of creation has. (Although man also creates various things, there is a world of difference between his creations and those of Allah.)

    Surrah Az-Zumar - THE TROOPS-THRONGS - No.39 - Verse: 6

    He initiated your creation from a single living cell (6:79) and then caused it to split into two parts, one becoming the male and the other female. He also created eight types of cattle (namely camel, cow, sheep and goats, all in pairs ~ 6:144-145). When you are still in the mothers womb, He fashions you, inculcating creative changes in different stages. These changes constitute one act of creation after another; and all this takes place (not in one but) under three veils3 of darkness.
    Surrah Al-Kahf - THE CAVE - No.18 - Verse: 37-38

    When his friend came to know about such ideas of his, he said: Do you deny that law of Mukafat of that Allah Almighty who initiated your creation by clay, then by a life-germ and finally gave you full form of man? Do you, notwithstanding all this, still think that what you have is the result of your merit and efforts and has nothing to do with Allahs laws? You may deny these facts but I have firm belief that whatever I got is through Allah law of Rabubiyyat to whom I do not set up any peers. Verse: 37-38

    Surrah Ar-Ra'd - THE THUNDER - No.13 - Verse: 8

    It has been stated that there is a period of respite between actions and their results. This is evident from the following examples: There is an intervening period between the conception and birth of a child. Allah Almighty knows what is in the womb and what is increased or decreased therein, and which foetus will reach completion and which will not. Verse: 8

    Surrah An-Najm - THE STAR- No.53 - Verse: 45-46

    (The life and death of nations is subject to these Divine Laws in a manner similar to an individual's birth, growth and death). According to the same law, the birth of a human being takes place when the reproductive materials intermix following which the males and females are born.
    Surrah An-Nahl - THE BEE - No.16 - Verse: 78

    To appreciate how Allahs plans reach their fulfilment gradually, look upon your own life. At the time of your birth you know nothing. Allah Almighty provides you with the capacity to hear, to see and to judge. It is through these faculties that your efforts bring forth fruit. Verse: 7 8

    Surrah Y*Sn - YA-SEEN - No.36 - Verse: 77-79

    (Mans condition is such that he can forget his own reality, become rebellious and follow his emotions. He does not reflect over the fact that We had created him out of a mere drop of sperm (over which he had no control). And then he openly opposes Us. Verse: 7 7

    Tell them that the Almighty Who created them for the first time will bring them back to life. He is fully aware and has full knowledge regarding all His creations (as regards the manner and stages through which His creations have to pass). Verse: 7 9

    Surrah Al-Qiymah - RESURRECTION - No.75 - Verse: 3-4

    Does man think that after his death he would not be brought back to life again? (36:78; 37:16) (And that he would be saved from facing the consequences of his bad deeds?) Does he think that the foundation on which the whole structure of life is raised will wither away with death and that it cannot be assembled again? There he is wrong! Verse: 3

    For Us to do so is not difficult at all. We have the power to reconstruct the faculties which establish his life and which give him control over the use of other things. Verse:4

    Surrah Nh - NUH - No 71- Verse:17 - 18

    (You clash because you consider yourselves as being different from each other. Individual interests have kept you divided from one another (2:36). (Otherwise) Allah Almighty the Almighty has created you from the earth, just like vegetation. (A stem emerges from the ground and as it grows, it develops many branches all around. However, their mutual relationship is so deeply interdependent that the nourishment the roots obtain from the earth is not retained for their own self, but is distributed to each and every branch and to the farthest leaf. Conversely the energy which the leaves draw from the sun-rays and the moisture obtained from the air are likewise distributed to each tissue of the plant. In this way the whole tree stays fresh and lush green. Humanity has also been created like a flourishing tree. The secret of its freshness and greenery is a disciplined mutual relationship. This is the system towards which I invite you.) Verse:17

    Furthermore, the creation of mankind was initiated from inorganic lifeless matter (just like vegetation). Thereafter by passing through various evolutionary stages, it reached the human level. This same evolutionary process of human life will continue even after death. Verse:18

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    jazakallah khair

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    thankyou for the post mrina.....

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