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Thread: WhatsApp's new desktop app for Windows and Mac

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    WhatsApp's new desktop app for Windows and Mac

    This week, WhatsApp announced Windows and OS X versions of its popular messaging app. Until now, desktop users have had to use WhatsApp through a Web browser. Like the Web version, WhatsApp's desktop apps mirror the messages on your phone.
    The desktop apps may offer better security than the browser client, giving you and WhatsApp more control over the bits getting sent back and forth. That's important, because WhatsApp now advertises end-to-end encryption on all platforms.
    End-to-end encryption means that only the sender and receiver can see the messages. With most other messaging apps, the service gets a copy of your encryption keys, meaning a rogue employee could read your messages without consent or notification, or hand the keys over to law enforcement.
    The WhatsApp download page says that Windows users must have Windows 8 or higher, but we had no trouble getting the desktop client to run on Windows 7. Mac users need OS X 10.9 or higher.

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    Click here to go to WhatsApp download page


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    Go to the link given above for download and click on "Download for Windows" button

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    Use your smartphone's WhatsApp to scan the code and get connected on PC. Go to "WhatsApp Web" option from top menu.

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    Your smartphone will require camera access to scan the code; just take the closer view of this code and it will scan automatically.

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    Now you smartphone's WhatsApp is connected to your PC, so you can use all features of WhatsApp using PC (except for voice calls)

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    You can attach Pictures, Videos, Document using "Attachment" button on top.

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    Or use other features of WhatsApp from it's menu button.

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    Make new groups or manage older ones and also you can change your Profile Settings.

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    Change your DP or Notifications and Block settings.

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    Search your friends to contact them using WhatsApp PC.

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