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    How to make a website

    How to make a website

    In this tutorial i will guide you completely that how you can make your own website free of cost. first of all let me guide you that what main things are required to make a good website

    1. Contents - You should have a main idea that what things you are going to place on your website
    2. Webserver - A good and reliable webserver on which you can upload your files
    3. Domain Name - An easy to remember name for the website , which should describe your website
    4. Visitors - A website without visitors is a voice which is not heard by anybody

    Now these four things are clear to you , now we will discuss these four topics one by one on our upcoming pages

    Website Development

    Obviously it is you who will decide that what will be the contents of a website. It will have specific contents or it will be a mixture , it should be a new thing or it can be the conventional website. Lets have a look on some topics on which website or webpages can be made.

    Funny things
    * Education
    * Technology Information
    * Entertainment
    * Representing a group/country or class of people
    * Forum

    I just mean to say that there can be a lot of ideas but you should be clear about it that what you are going to place on your website. I would like to explain the last point in the list of contents that is "Forum". Forum is more easy to manage becuase in these kind of website the communities of users participate and add the contents of the website their self. The owner of the website just monitors their activities and warns or bans anyone if he is trying to abuse the forum in anyway. so after making a mind about the contents lets talk about making the website. Our next topic is "Website designing".

    Web Designing

    Well if we talk about web designing then it is a subject in which people complete their masters degree , but as this is a instant tutorial so i will talk about instant ways for web designing. First let me list them out.

    1. Using Website built-in wizards (The easiest way)
    2. Using HTML
    3. Using a webpage editor
    4. Taking Help from Webpage templates

    Now let me brief you about these 4 methods

    1)Using Website built-in wizards (The easiest way)
    Website built-in wizards is an extra facility provided by some webservers. they let you design the complete website just in a few steps , and even later if you want to edit the pages , they provide you online editor. Here is a list of websites that provide free built in wizards to make pages

    * (To make a forum website)

    If you are happy in this way , then you dont need to do anything else. Just move to the next page by clicking here. But if you want to make website your self then the following points are for you.

    2) Using Html
    Html stands of Hypertext markup language - Html is the easies language on this earth and it is the base of each and every website. If you are really interested in learning HTML you can download a tutorial for html language by clicking here.

    3) Using Webpage Editor
    A webpage editor is a software which is used to geneate Html (Hper Text Markup Language - A language used mainly in websites) - The webpage editor keeps away the user from coding and let him design the pages as easily as typing and inserting pictures in word document. If you want to learn a webpage editor then i have a tutor of microsoft frontpage (An essential part of microsoft office) in my website. You can download the complete tutorial by clicking here.

    4) Web page templates
    Webpage templates can be an extra help for you. they are prepared designed web pages for a website which is yet to be designed. You can place the data in the those pages using any webpage editor very easily. If you like to see some page templates you can click here to download them. Keep in mind that it is good for you to have knowledge of these 3 things , HTML , HTML EDITOR and Page Templates.


    Here i would like to mention 2 points that you should keep in mind before making a website

    1) Index is the first page
    As you know that web has the same idea as the web of a spider. as has to many links. But what should be the name of the first file? the first file should be named as index.htm - You can also see that in the figure.

    2) Keep all stuff under one folder
    What ever you are going to upload on your website should be properly managed uder one folder , all files linked with pages should be placed under one folder. It will protect you to make any mistakes.

    Now in this figure it is very clear that all files used in the website are placed in once folder and the file from which the user will start browsing is marked red the "Index" file.

    Uploading files to webserver

    Now in previous disscussion I explained 4 methods to design a website. Actually we can divide them in 2 major methods -

    Making website using wizard
    2. Making website yourself.

    Now if you have make your website through the wizard then this page is not for you.Why ? because the webservers who provide you wizard also host your website their selves. You can move to the next page by clicking here.

    But if you have made your pages your self using editor or html or by page templates then i would like to guide you about uploading your website on webservers. First let me list some webserver who give free webspace to its users to upload files.

    3. (really good)
    5. http://www.absolutely-free-hosting.c...e_hosts_01.php

    now what you have to do make an account and you will have a limited space to upload your files. After signing in to the account , open the "File Manager" in your account. here you will see that you have option to upload delete modify files. and also you have option to create and delete directories. well a directory is an other name of "folder". Folder and directories are the same words in computer language. What you have to do here that upload all the files in the same manner as u have placed them in your hard disk. I give you an example. for example you have placed image files in a directory/folder named "Images", now create a folder "Images" on your webserver account and upload the image files after opening that folder in the webserver. And similarly in the root/parent directory place the index file.

    Keep in mind that when you prepare a website index file should be in the first directory. first directory is the easy translation of root or parent directory. For example you crearted a folder "webProject" and place all the files and folders under this folder that the webProject can be called the root directory of your website. but keep in mind that when u start uploading files dont create "webProject" folder on the webserver. but upload all the files and folders in the folder of webProject.

    Domain name of the website

    A domain name should be easy to remember and descriptive. all the website which provide free webspace also provide you domain name. For example the first website i made was , These kind of names are called subdomain names. If you like these names then its good and well , but you dont like them then you can choose a domain name redirect. Some website provide good domain names for free but dont give any webspace. so what you can do is that upload files on a different website and take domain name from any free domain name provider and signup for their account. they will ask your previous website address and provide you a new address for ur website. now your files are stored on the same website but your website has a new name now. Here is a list of website who provide free domain name.


    on the next page we will discuss the methods to market your website so that u can attract users to your website.

    Website marketing

    well you can attract users by some marketing techniques which are free of cost. Let me explain one by one

    1) Search engine submission
    There are many websites which submit your website to major search engines for free. Let me show me the list of the such websites.


    2) Forums and communities
    Join famous forums and communities which allow users to display their personal websites in their posts. There are a lot of such communities on the web. You can find out yourself.

    3) News letter
    Create your own newsletter for your website. and post updates of your websites in the newsletter. Yahoo group is a good free news letter available for this purpose.

    4) Real Life Ads
    Place small banners of your website in your university or school. or any public place. Even if you can do it in a net cafe.

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