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Thread: Friendship

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    Your Love is Ur Heart,
    Your heart is Ur Spouse ,
    Your spouse is Ur Future ,
    Your future is Ur Destiny ,
    Your destiny is Ur Ambition,
    Your ambition is Ur Aspiration ,
    Your aspiration is Ur Motivation ,
    Your motivation is Ur Belief ,
    Your belief is Ur Peace ,
    Your peace is Ur Target ,
    Your target is Heaven ,
    Heaven is no fun without FRIENDS .
    It's "World Best Friends Week" send this to all ur good friends.
    Even me, if i am one of them. See how many u get back.
    If u get more than 3 u r really a lovable person.............I am waiting


    F_ Few
    R_ Relations
    I_ In
    E_ Earth
    N_ Never
    D_ Die

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    good one

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