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Thread: How to Keep New Year's Resolutions?

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    How to Keep New Year's Resolutions?

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    Skipping THIS word. Believe it or not, it's "resolution!" Since a lot of us end up breaking our New Year's resolutions, we tend to associate the word with failure. Use the word "intention." It seems simple, but studies show that adopting the right language really can make your goal more achievable.


    Turning your goals into a gain. Most resolutions are about cutting things out of our lives, which puts the focus on giving up something we love. Instead, state your resolution as a positive: rather than saying, "I have to lose weight," try, "I'm going to become healthier by eating better"


    Staying motivated with THIS sentence. Just jot down why you made the resolution in the first place. Say you're trying to save money for a vacation. Write: "I'm saving so I can enjoy a stress free break!" Carry the note with you.


    Delaying your start. With most of us exhausted from the holidays, the last thing we want to do on January 1 is start a new fitness routine or diet. Instead, tell yourself you'll start "by the end of January." Having a less firm start date will help you avoid the risk of missing it and giving up altogether


    Focusing on day four. Whenever we try something new, our brains usually resist the change. Fortunately, sticking to your goal for just four days is enough to melt away the resistance. Why four days? Because that's how long it takes people to break bad patterns they were locked into


    Cheating past roadblocks. Allow yourself some setbacks. If you don't expect perfection, you won't feel crushed when you slip up. Consider: studies show that dieters who let themselves have a treat every now and then lose more weight than people who rigidly stick to their plans.


    Spreading the word for support. Women are 10% more successful in reaching their goals when they share them with others. So let your best friend know what you're working toward.


    Getting expert help online. There are some great websites designed to help people achieve specific goals.


    Savoring the moment. Every time you inch closer to your goal, give yourself a big pat on the back - just telling yourself "Great job!" will do the trick. Sound silly? It's not. Researchers have found that being your own cheerleader boosts your confidence and reminds you that yes, you can do anything if you really want to. As a result, keeping on track will feel less daunting and more like fun.

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