John Day is a thriller starring Naseeruddin Shah, Randeep Hooda, Shernaz Patel and Elena Kazan. The plot starts with a girl who is on a trip with her boyfriend dies in a forest fire. Her parents are in great shock. John Day, the faher of the deceased girl is a bank manager. One day John gets a call from his home. A man claims that he has held his wife captive and that he wants John to follow his partner's instructions. His men rob the bank, the goons make it look like a planned robery. Meanwhile John's wife is badly injured by the goon and is in coma. John decides to take revenge from these people. One day a woman named Tabassum comes to the bank to claim some documents from the bank's locker. John suspects something and follows them and sees that they deposite the file in a government property office. John bribes the officer to get the file. During his investigation he comes to know that police Officer Gautam is also in pursuit of the files and wants to sell them to a Mafia based organization in Dubai. Watch the film to know more.

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