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Thread: Most Terrifying Hanging Bridges

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    Most Terrifying Hanging Bridges

    17 Most Terrifying and Awesome Hanging Bridges in Pakistan.

    Bridge to Ishkoman
    Bridge that lead way to Ishkoman located in Ghizar Valley is no less then a wonder in term of beauty.

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    Dhangalli Bridge, Dadyal, Azad Kashmir

    This tremendous creation is located near the border of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

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    Suspension bridge over the Kunhar river
    Colorful, dangerous and incredibly beautiful.

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    Husaini Bridge, Hunza #NadeemKhwaja
    Hussaini Hanging bridge is not only awesomely amazing but also the most dangerous bridge of World. It is made by Wooden Planks and is situated in the Upper Hunza to cross the Borit Lake.
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    Another view of the World’s most dangerous bridge
    Incredibly dangerous and equally breathtaking.
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    Ambor Bridge, Muzaffarabad
    Ambor Bridge is next to Dhanni in Muzaffarabad. Ambor is a populated place and the bridge has major sociological significance for the town.
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    Thakot Bridge
    Thakot Bridge at River Indus is next to Shotar, located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.
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    Deosai Bridge
    Deosai is also known was the rooftop of the world or the highest plateau in Pakistan. This bridge connects Skardu to Deosai national park.
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    Alam Bridge
    The bridge that is capable of handling heavy load is made of wood and iron, This Bridge provides the route between Gilgit and Baltistan

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    Danyore Bridge
    This is one of the longest hanging bride of Pakistan that connects Gilgit to Danyore. However the old bridge was constructed half a century ago.

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    Hanging Bridge along Indus River Gorge near Skardu
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    Tarzan Bridge, Naran
    The river below (River Kunhar) is so scary that it is strongly recommended to not look down while crossing the bridge.

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    The bridge on Ghizer river to Sher-Qila
    The bridge is located on Ghizer River, which is known as Gilgit River in Ghizer valley.

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    Sialkot Bridge
    Sialkot is known for its fog. Try traversing a hanging bridge when you can’t see two feet in front of you.

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    Buber bridge
    Suspension bridge at Gilgit river at Buber Village of Ghizer valley.
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    A Bridge over River Kunhar, near PTDC Motel Naran
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    Hanging Bridge, Kunhar River near Muhandri, Kaghan Valley
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