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Thread: Change Your Car Color Using Photoshop

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    Change Your Car Color Using Photoshop

    Change Your Car Color Using Photoshop
    The first and hardest part is going to be creating a mask for all the painted areas of the car. Now, donít get mad, but Iím not going to tell you a super-easy way to mask, or select the painted areas, simply because there really isnít one. I will link you to a tutorial on masking though.
    Hereís a mask of my selection:

    What youíre going to want to do is start with all the colored areas you want changed selected. Then create a new Solid Color Adjustment Layer and pick the color you want the car changed to.

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    This is also a good time to find and correct the areas you might have missed.

    Now, we have a few different options for changing the color, depending on what color you started with, and what color you want. Thereís basically three or four Layer Modes weíre going to experiment with to see which one produces the best results for our color.

    The first Layer Mode is weíll try is Color Burn.

    Mode: Color Burn

    Not bad. Letís try another one. Letís try Overlay.

    Mode: Overlay

    Kind of cool, but not the color I was looking for. Now, letís try Vivid Light.
    Mode: Vivid Light

    Now thatís a little intense. Not what I was looking for either. For the last one, letís try Colo.

    Mode: Color

    Well, thatís pretty, but still wrong.

    It seems like, for this project, the easiest change would be to use the Color Burn Mode.

    Now, what if I want to make the car white? Letís take the painterís approach. Change the color on your Adjustment Layer to Black, then set the color mode to Color. This will desaturate the image, almost like a painter uses primer.

    Mode: Color

    In this specific case, my car ends up looking pretty white. But, yours might not look the same and I can make it whiter. So Iíll duplicate the Adjustment Layer [Ctrl-J], set the color to white, and change the Mode to Soft Light.
    And now I own a beautiful, rare, white FerrariÖ errÖ at least a picture of one.

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    useful share... thnx for sharing

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