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Thread: Be Friends with Everyone

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    Be Friends with Everyone

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    1. Understand where the group is coming from. If the group you want to be friends with is a shy group, and you're a little more sociable, never ask them "Why don't you talk?" or "Why are you quiet?" They hate that. It's rude. Don't do it. If you're shy and you want to get into a sociable group, then just try to get a little attention, but try not to over do it. No one likes a show off.
    2. Remember that each group will be different. They will use different words, find different things funny or respectable, or will have very different ways of "hanging out". Observe what is appropriate for each group, and act accordingly, but don't change yourself just to fit in. You are who you are.
    3. Always be outgoing, and going out. Be outgoing and you will gain popularity within a group. Go out a lot in order to hang out with different groups. Being friends with everyone is time and energy consuming, because you must be friendly, outgoing, and willing to hangout, leaving yourself very little time to yourself. That is something you have to consider before going and trying to be so popular.
    4. Make sure to ask people what they are doing over the weekend before the weekend. But don't make plans right away. Often, something will be going on unplanned, and you want to go hang out with that group at that time. As long as you make sure to be out and about, plans are not necessary.
    5. Maintain the friendliness with everyone. You are friends with them and friendly with others.
    6. Consider what everyone thinks. If they are truly your friends, talk to them. It's not the best thing to tell your very good friends lies, there's a good chance that they're going to find out.


    * Ditching your old friends for other people is a terrible thing to do. Just try to be friendly. If you have a few best friends or one best friend - never lose them.
    * Keeping clean is a major thing to keep in mind. Shower every day. Wash your face, brush your teeth. No matter what.
    * Don't be afraid to talk to people. Meeting strangers is the best way to make new friends!

    * Not everyone will like you, but that is their problem, not yours.
    * Being friends with everyone can be difficult because not everyone is cross-compatible. You may feel torn between friends; who to hang out with if it can't be done at once.
    * It is nearly impossible to have a close set of friends- everyone averages out to a mix between friend and acquaintance. You may often have to leave a party alone to go to another party alone. You will see friends there, but you cannot be socially mobile with many more people than yourself.
    * If for any reason you cannot continue with the demanding time schedule, friends will fade rapidly. Make sure to have a couple strong friends, or it may be possible for all of your friends to become mere acquaintances.
    * Just remember: Don't forget who your real friends are. Don't become friends with someone just because they are a cheerleader or really popular.

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    Nice one......

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    sveet post

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    i didnt read all the tips,but nice..if u r sociable, and welcoming it will be really really easy for u to make friends..i had soo many friends, nd wht funny is that one group of my friends were completely diff from the other, and they didnt even kno that i kno them

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