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    Message to hhh_4_jain

    Mr. I also know that more posts more good ranks, and I already stated in my post that after 10 posts I have got peace member rank that shows I knew that according to posts ranks are awarded. and my question was on how many posts which rank is there. for ur kind information im not a spammer. I have installed and managed phpBB forums. I have been moderator in nidokidos group due to study purposes i left nidokidos so pls do answer me correctly what i ask, im not a novice user!

    Saagar Kamrani

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    hi sagar
    how are u ? well you dont need to mess with moderators bcz they dont know the relationship between number of posts and ranks.

    let me see and tell u the correct number.

    Rank Title Minimum Posts Set as Special Rank

    moderator rank is not awarded on posts. but it is the decision of owner to select a member as a mod.

    Peace Member
    posts 10

    Gifter Member
    posts 15

    Flower Member
    posts 25

    Sweet Member
    posts 50

    Sweet Member +
    posts 100

    Teacher Member

    (its a rank only , not an authority)

    Junior Admin
    (its a rank only , not an authority)

    Senior Admin
    (its a rank only , not an authority)

    Chief Admin
    (its a rank only , not an authority)

    Special Duty Officer
    (its a rank only , not an authority)

    thats all

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    Sorry! :)

    Sorry brother, actually that day i was in anger and I might expressed my anger well im sorry mr.jain and whole nidokidos for some misbehavior. ok thanx for the information brother!. and more over this site has been gr8 in look there is lots of useful information in this site.

    Ok wish me luck for the exam it will be held in april 2007!
    and im happy for ur participation in donation, I saw the reciept of Cancer Hospital Donation.

    Okz take care,
    Wishing u good fortune,
    Saagar Kamrani

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    Hi Sagar Lina here i would like 2 thanx u bcoz the question u ask them was actually right, i was also thinkin bout d same question,But now i also came 2 know bout their rankin.Now i m fine with my post & rankin.So again i would like 2 thanx u & admin for above query.Bye take care & all d best 4 ur exams.

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