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Thread: Beautiful Hiking tracks of the World

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    Beautiful Hiking tracks of the World

    Beautiful Hiking tracks of the World

    Hiking the Bled Area

    Slovenia, while undeniably small -it’s only half the size of Switzerland, possess so many attractions that it rivals much larger countries. And first among these attractions is the great outdoors. Slovenes have a passion for outdoor sports in this sunny playground on the south side of the Alps. Slovenes are big on hiking -almost as many hike as ski. Slovenia has an excellent system of hiking trails -some 7000 km altogether. There are countless opportunities for adventure from challenging mountain hikes and rock climbs in Triglav National Park, to underground cave explorations, to white-water rafting.
    Remember this is Slovenia, NOT Slovakia. Many westerners get these two countries confused. Slovenia declared independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. It is not part of the volatile Balkans and has close cultural and economic ties with central Europe. It is a beautiful and very safe country to visit. Close to the centre of the country lies its’ largest city, the capital, Ljubljana.
    Bled is Slovenia’s most popular resort area with its’ emerald green lake, a picture-postcard white church on an islet, a mediaeval castle on the edge of a rocky cliff, and some of the highest peaks in the Julian Alps. If you tire of the tourist hordes in this special picture paradise, seek out the larger but quieter and less developed Lake Bohinj area 26 km further south.


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    Costa Rica
    Arenal Volcano & Manuel Antonio National Park

    The incredible amount and diversity of the flora and fauna on display in this tiny nation combined with the wild variety of climates and landscapes can make your senses reel. This is a country of enchanting eco-zones, white sand beaches, and surfing sites that guarantee a fun and relaxing time. In the feisty capital of San Jose, dining and nightlife are everywhere to be found. But only a day away are the active volcanoes, white-water rafting rivers, virgin rain forests and abundant wildlife. Don’t be surprised if you see a Canadian Warbler or a Baltimore Oriole as over 200 North American birds can be found here during the winter migration. Of course there are also tropical birds such as 6 kinds of toucans, 16 parrots and parakeets and more than 50 hummingbirds. The quetzal, one of the world’s most exquisite birds, with its’ glittering green plumage and the male’s long tail draws thousands of visitors to highland cloud forests from February to April. I was very fortunate on my visit to see three of these beautiful birds.
    Hiking through volcano craters, cloud forests, beside active volcanoes and breathtaking waterfalls, and rain forests presents incredible vistas and diversity. Along the trail you might spot howler and white-faced monkeys, armadillos, raccoons, sloths and small tree snakes. Don’t miss the crocodiles and iguanas near Manuel Antonio National Park. This is one of Costa Rica’s most popular destinations. One glimpse of the sweeping view -beaches, jungle, and shimmering Pacific dotted with rocky islets will take your breath away.

    Funchal Hikes

    This beautiful green island, the flower garden of the Atlantic, was created by a series of intense volcanic eruptions, and represents only the top quarter of an volcanic system. The seaside cliffs continue to plummet to the ocean floor reaching depths of over 4000 m. Peaks rising to over 1800 m dominate the centre of Madeira. Scores of rivers radiate from these peaks cutting deep into the softer terrain and leaving only the hardest rock exposed as sheer cliffs and ridges.
    To maximize the islands agricultural potential, early settlers built a network of narrow water channels called levadas to transport water from the north to the south of the island adapting a similar system used in southern Portugal. Using only a slight gradient, these cleverly engineered levadas carried water from mountain springs down to the fields where sluices allowed farmers to draw water on a strict quota system. Until the 1980s few knew of the existence of these levadas. But the publication of ”Landscapes of Madeira”, a guide to island footpaths changed all that. Now walkers and hikers come to Madeira in the thousands for levada walks. The levadas can be fairly flat but with some steep ascents and descents but they provide a wonderful and sometimes petrifying walking experience along the levadas and cliff edges. There are spectacular views on all of the hikes in Madeira with some vertiginous places where the path beside the levada becomes a fraction of a metre with a substantial drop on one side.
    Mountain trails can be very challenging. The route between Pico Ruivo and Pico do Arieiro follows the knife edge on the central mountain range. This is a challenge only to be tackled by experienced hikers

    New Zealand
    Milford Track

    New Zealand, the youngest country in the world, is a small group of islands in the South Pacific, is home to a population under four million people. Aotearoa, or “land of the long white cloud”, as it is known in the Maori language, is a blend of European and Pacific Island cultures, cosmopolitan cities and natural beauty, and cultural refinement with adventurous spirit.

    On New Zealand's North Island, home to the country’s largest city, Auckland, and the capital of Wellington, metropolitan life mingles with a unique landscape. Golden beaches, hot springs, and volcanoes are only a sample of what visitors will find beside populated centres. The Coromandel and Rotorua areas are great for hiking as is Tongariro national parks which boasts of Tongariro crossing as the best one day walk in New Zealand.

    With the spectacular wilderness areas of the South Island, numerous tour and adventure companies provide outdoor escapes to suit all visitors. The South Island's Christchurch and Dunedin are world-class cities, embracing both colonial heritage and sophisticated urban life. Queenstown is a special delight. For hiking there is the famous Abel Tasman Coastal multi-day walk along the beautiful isolated beaches and forest. And of course there is the spectacular Milford track five day hike of 55 km with an invigorating climb to the top of the Mackinnon Pass

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    wow.... they r so beautiful.....

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