From his dressing you might think he is yet another Punjabi farmer. But, allow me to break your perception, and meet Arif Zaman, a Ph.D. He is a Pakistani mathematician, an academic scientist and a professor of Statistics and Mathematics. Before joining LUMS in 1994, he served Statistics Department at Purdue University and Florida State University.

Zaman attended the Harvey Mudd College where he completed his B.S. in Mathematics in 1976. He completed his M.A. Applied Mathematics in 1977, and PhD Statistics from Stanford University in 1981. In his doctoral thesis he studied de Finetti's theorem and its possible turn out in Markov chain. His dissertation was supervised by Persi Diaconis.

Zaman's recent research has been in the field of pseudo-random number generation which is now widely used in modern computing needs. He has also published papers on generalisations of Markov chains, and on using computers to solve various theoretical problems in mathematics and statistics. His publications have been in various journals including: The Annals of Probability, Mathematics of Computation, Journal of Applied Probability, and Journal of Statistical Computation.

But hey, the message behind this story is, never generalize people for their dressing or outlook, everyone carries bits and bytes of greatness.


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