How to be Successful at a Job Fair ?
Sometimes all you need are fresh ideas, an energy boost or a nudge in a different direction to add some oomph to your job-finding effort. A job fair offers to keep positive momentum going forward in your search for a career. It also offers the opportunity to interview with multiple companies at one venue. Here are some creative suggestions to make yourself successful at a job fair.

Wear comfortable shoes. The lines will be long and expect to wait. Do not wear uncomfortable high heels or a brand new shoes that have not been broken in.
Dress professionally. Job fairs are like interviews, so make sure your attire matches. Wear professional clothes, style your hair conservative, and ladies wear minimal make-up.
Bring copies of your resume to hand out to the companies. Take a portfolio or briefcase to hold corporate literature that you will recieve.
Prepare a "one minute commercial." Think about your strong points, your goals and where you want to go within the corporate structure. Be prepared to talk about these aspects with your prospective employer.
Arrive early. Plan on extra time for parking, checking in and getting oriented with the layout of the job fair.
Network with others while waiting in line. You may hear about other job opportunities that you were unaware of.
Shake hands and introduce yourself to company recruiters when you reach the table. Act interested in the company and their job opportunity.
Explore all options. A wide variety of companies will participate and this is an excellent opportunity to indulge your curiosity.