One of Japan's cherry blossoms. The north side of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, "Chidorigafuchi green road" to spread along the inner moat of Kitanomaru Park is a promenade of the total length of about 700m along the Chidorigafuchi of Imperial Palace west, Yasukuni from Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery entrance It extends to the Kojimachi fire department Kudan branch of the street. Kitanomaru such as Yoshino and OOSHIMAZAKURA of green road that has been planted from the house around 1955 the city center, about 1000 cherry trees, including the Chidorigafuchi park and the like can be seen. The period of the "Chiyoda Cherry Blossom Festival" is Raitoatsupu, cherry spread the branches heavily on your drilling is show a beautiful contrast with the waterside.

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