We weep for dead people and remember them, but we ought to remember ourselves, as well.
Hasan Basri Rahamallah used to say:
“O son of Adam! You will die alone, be resurrected alone and be recompensed alone. O son of Adam! If all people obey Allah and you disobey Him, their obedience will not benefit you. If they all disobey Allah and you obey Him, their disobedience will not harm you. O son of Adam! Beware of your sins, for it is your flesh and blood at stake. If you are saved from the evil repercussions of your sins, if you are saved from the evil repercussions of your sins, your flesh and blood will be saved for you. If it is the other destination, then it is Fire that will never be extinguished, a body that will never perish (eternal in torment) and a soul that will never die.’
Therefore, rush to erase sin with repentance, for, “Sin has the effect on the heart of that of drops of oil which fall on a garment, if you do not was the garment quickly, the oil will stain it.”
By Allah! The days of those who give condolences are numbered, even though a few days or months afterwards, they will forget their intimate friends who perished.
Dear Brothers and Sister!
Do not stop weeping until you know who your company on the Day of Return will be. Do not let sleep touch your eyes until you become sure of your destination on the day thereafter. Do not go bed while happy, for you do not know how things will truly turn to be.