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Thread: 207 million dollars

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    207 million dollars

    WOW ...fortuna, mamma mia
    The brigade of American workers had won the lottery 207 million dollars
    The U.S. team of utility workers from the city peak of Ohio won the lottery jackpot size of 207 million dollars. One ticket ugadal six-digit lotteries. The money for a ticket to collect the entire team, so winning and working now intend to divide equally. Utility workers instantly became heroes of American television. Some of them said before television cameras that do not intend to cast a favorite work, despite the collapse on the head of the wealth. Most reported that parents help their retirees, for the first time in the life Buy a new car or go on a journey, which previously had not afford, RIA Novosti. The greatest gains on the basis of last year in the United States goes to spouses Messner of New Jersey and dalnoboyschiku Eddu Neyborsu from Georgia - in March 2007, they divided the jackpot size of 390 million ...

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    Wowww... esse tu kehte hai good luck........God jab bhi deta hai... chappar phar ke deta hai...

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    is it true

    Is it true????

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