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Thread: To You I Give Myself

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    To You I Give Myself

    I think u wont like it as much as i liked it... nyways its all up to ur tatses....


    To You

    Entangled in a love made before birth
    Knowledge of a feeling, too strong to explain
    A deep thought of a dream coming true

    A special moment ready to be lived
    A look of fulfillment in a second glance
    A connection of two hearts now one
    A completion, the missing half now found

    The sensation as a touch is shared
    The warmth of a kiss given and taken
    The words I love you meant from the soul

    As to you I give myself

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    For so long I've been lonely
    Drowning in my tears,
    No one there to listen
    Or help me face my deepest fears.
    No one there to shelter me
    From this world so full of pain,
    No one showed me rainbows
    Every time I saw the rain.

    No one there to give a damn
    About my broken heart,
    No one to pick up the pieces
    Every time I fell apart.
    But, finally someone came along
    And took the time to know,
    All the hurt and pain
    That I tried hard not to show.

    she took the time to realize
    How much I've had to pay,
    For every time I gave of me
    There was something taken away.
    she took the time to look inside
    This heart as cold as stone,
    He found that there was something there
    No one else has ever known.

    she found what I'd been hiding there
    Brought it out to show the world,
    That there was so much love inside
    Of such a lonely guy.
    she knew what I was feeling
    So she set my mind at ease,
    Then she did the impossible -
    she gave my soul to me.

    So, now I'm going to take this time
    To say "Thanks" for all she's done,
    And hope she knows I love her more
    Then life or anyone.

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    sunny isey kehtey hain eint ka javab pather sey dena...

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    hmm both are good..1st poem is sweet..and the 2nd is deep....

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    hmmm.... thanx sunshine...

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