The Taipei International Cycle Show opened today at the Nangang Exhibition Center. Innovations unveiled by the over 1,000 exhibitors included a bicycle which folds in just three seconds and tires which donít require air. This mini-bike, painted red to attract the eye, debuted today at the cycle show. Itís one of the smallest folding bicycles available.The tires are just 8 inches, three times smaller than other folding bikes. They are made from silica gel, which doesnít need air to inflate, proving to be more durable. ďItís lighter. The most important thing is that the bike has a sturdy structure because roads in Taiwan have many rough patches and potholes.ĒMany people transport folding bikes in their cars. For this reason, folding bikes have become smaller and smaller. Yeh Si-weiBike Manufacturer. When this bicycle is folded, both tires come together. The bike becomes narrower so it can enter tighter spaces and easily be pushed.This folding bicycle is a terrific example of Made in Taiwan technology and is attracting the interest of international brands.

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