Every time I got to a drop of water,
I mistaken it for the ocean.
And then God would teach me.
So I kept walking.
I came across a larger drop.
I mistaken it for the ocean.
And again He taught me.
To keep going.
Don't stop.
And don't give up.
Keep going.
It's about trust, dear soul.
Trust. And patience.
Not the still kind.
The kind that keeps walking,
Through the storm.
Through the illusion.
Through the mirage.
Through every false door,
And imaginary shelter.
It's not easy to fall on your face.
But it's even harder to get back up.
And not just get back up...
Get back up and keep hoping.
That's hard.
That requires the deepest level of reliance.
And hope.
Beautiful hope.
Bulletproof hope.
Irrational optimism.
Nothing short of it.
Keep going.
Dear beautiful soul,
You almost drowned in drops...
looking for the Sea.
Dear soul, He didn't let you drown.
You kept going.
Even when you had to crawl.
In the rain.
In the pitch black night.
You kept going.
And He led you, dear soul.
He led you, dear soul.
He led you...
...to the Sea.

Allah kareem.