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Thread: Do not run after SKIN WHITENING CREAMS

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    Do not run after SKIN WHITENING CREAMS

    Accept Complexion (White/Brown/Black) to avoid unhealthy/ugly skin – Skin is everyone's beauty not the complexion.
    Do not run after SKIN WHITENING CREAMS (SWCs).

    According to dermatologists/skin specialists,skin color improvement issue is NOT gender specific (20-40% male patients) NOR color specific (dark tan to white as well as white to dark tan).

    For the SDPI on-going study, over 40 different brands of SWCs samples were collected from the shelves of markets/plazas/pharmacies in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Haripur. Analyses of half of these samples have been completed. We have also already interviewed a few dermatologists/skin specialists (on-going) to have their views on the subject (improving complexion/SWCs).

    Laboratory (certified) analyses has indicated alarmingly high mercury content (3rd most hazardous/toxic known substance). A few samples showed mercury content as high as above 10, 000 ppm (standard amount NOT more than 1ppm), others more than 5000 ppm and a few less than 15 ppm.

    WE are informed by dermatologists/skin specialists that use of mercury containing SWCs leads to unhealthy and finally an ugly looking skin.

    It’s well established that mercury burden in human body also affect more than one body systems.
    Labels of SWCs bottles/tubes do not mention “Mercury Free Product” or “No Mercury.”

    On the completion of the on-going study at SDPI, a full report would be prepared and shared with all stakeholders, inshallah.


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    Fair and Lovely Skin Whitening Cream Commercial Spoof

    A spoof commercial of the famous skin whitening cream Fair & Lovely.

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