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Thread: CyberLink PowerDirector Ultimate 14

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    CyberLink PowerDirector Ultimate 14

    PowerDirector video editing software provides easy-to-use and powerful tools for high quality video productions. Edit videos in just seconds!


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    CyberLink PowerDirector 14 | Video Editing Software

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    CyberLink ColorDirector 4 | Color Grading Software

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    CyberLink AudioDirector 6 | Audio Editing Studio

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    New and or Improved Main Features

    Each year when all the editing software companies release new versions there are always new features.

    The quality of the software and the company behind it can usually be determined by a close inspection of those new features because they always fall into two distinct categories.

    1. Mindless wizzbangery with lots of color and motion to dazzle you into a purchase or create the feeling that you need to keep up because somehow you are missing out on something.

    2. Genuinely valuable additions to the functionality of the software intended to extend the capabilities of the program or enhance the user experience.

    Fortunately Cyberlink have consistently fallen into the latter category over the years and PowerDirector 14 is no exception.

    These are the new features of the program with my opinion of their true value.

    Screen Recorder

    Let’s be honest here, a good quality screen recording program with full editing capability and all the bells and whistles will set you back around $300.

    PowerDirector 14 now comes with its own integrated screen recorder so you can record whatever you are doing on your computer screen to make DIY videos, demo videos or record game play.

    You can record the system audio at the same time as well as a running commentary then have the video file that is created sent directly to PowerDirector for editing.

    The recorder runs as a standalone program so you can use the PowerDirector screen recorder to record video of you using PowerDirector!

    CyberLink describe this as “a handy tool,” I am not really sure they understand just how good it is.

    You can capture everything on the screen as it is happening, a specific application only, or a custom section of your screen in either 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio, as well as highlight mouse clicks in a range of colors.

    TrueVelocity 5 Engine

    OK this is about as unsexy as new features can get yet I love it, I’ll try to explain.

    TrueVelocity is a technology that CyberLink developed a while back because of the emergence of modern, highly compressed video codecs.

    Up until MPEG2 the compression of video files largely occurred from within the codec itself and so was relatively easy on computer resources.

    When the H.264 (MP4) codec came along and everything moved to high definition, things changed dramatically.

    To cut a (very) long story short, the additional processing power required to handle these new formats was thrown on to the computer causing all sorts of crashing and lagging problems.

    SVRT 4 Technology

    SVRT (Smart Video Rendering Technology) is a proprietary technology developed by CyberLink that addresses two main problems presented by modern video files.

    The first being that whenever an already compressed video file is recompressed or even re-rendered with only minor changes, there will be a loss of quality.

    Secondly, that the nature of modern video files is that they throw all the heavy lifting on to the resources of the computer rather than handling it within the codec so rendering becomes an overnight experience.

    Import/Export High Frame Rate Video

    This addition is in response to the proliferation of action type cams that are dominating the market at the moment.

    Most of these cams can capture high definition footage at very high frame rates. The purpose of this is so that the footage can be played back in slow motion without losing any image quality.

    FLAC Audio Support

    OK, FLAC audio is a kind of geeky type of audio file that many claim to be far superior to others when it comes to sound quality.

    PowerDirector 14 can now handle these files if that sort of thing is what you are into.

    H.265/HEVC Import and Export

    H.265 or HEVC is the next generation of highly compressed video files we will be dealing with in the near future.

    The claim is that it delivers a files size at about 32% of the size of a comparable H.264 (MP4) files at the same quality.

    Not really mainstream yet but good to see CyberLink are getting in early for it.

    Action Camera Center

    Continuing on in the action cam vein an entirely new module has been added specifically for action cam footage and it’s particular quirks.

    First up a set of editing tools suited to the kind of editing style many action cam footage projects use.

    Stuff like freeze frames, extreme slow motion, crazy zooming and all that other “actiony” stuff that seems to go with the territory.

    Action cams in general also suffer from some key problems that are inherent to their design formats or the conditions under which they are used.

    Motion Tracking (Moving Paths)

    Motion tracking or creating moving paths of objects or people within footage has always been a royal pain in the butt.

    Most of the top end video editors have offered the capability of doing it manually for a while now, PowerDirector included BUT!

    In order to do it you have to go to the first frame of the footage and click on the thing you want to track.

    Then you have to advance the footage until that thing has moved away from the original spot and click it again, then advance, click, advance, click, advance, click on and on and on until you have either done it or have gone totally crazy in the process.

    Express Projects

    PowerDirector has always had a module within it called “Easy Editor.”

    The easy editor is still included and is exactly what it sounds like, an easy editor.

    This year they have added “Express Projects” which could also be called “Even Easier Editor!”

    Basically it is a project template driven system where you are presented with three placeholders all having the same theme.

    For example for a travel video you could choose the Round the World template.

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