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Thread: no arms no problem

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    no arms no problem

    If you've decided to live a good life, than nothing can stop you to live best life...because, one step from you , seven step from ALLAH... A great example of great man who is living thankful life without ARMS ...

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    We are all God's creation whatever religion we have. Muslims, Christians, Buddhist, etc. can have a good life when they respect each other... As a Christian, I have lots of Muslim friends and we know how to respect each belief... Sometimes I am asking them about their religion, and I love wear scarfs in my head like Islam women do. I play with their kids like my Muslim friends do to my nieces. And when it comes to food, I can only offer them seafood, beef, chicken and lamb. I know they don't eat pork and I already embraced that belief and I no longer eat pork for more than a decade.

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