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Thread: What's a good antivirus program to get rid of a virus. Real cheap but good?

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    What's a good antivirus program to get rid of a virus. Real cheap but good?

    I think Avast is the best Antivirus software. I have tried others years back and didn't like them. Avast is great, especially compared to Norton. Norton injects a virus only they can get rid of, and sometimes they can't even fix their own virus. I have tried AVG, Panda, and some other antivirus programs...all free. Avast is the best of the bunch. It can be scheduled to run whenever I want it to....usually taking about 37 minutes for a Full Scan. I have it set for 3 times a week, around 2 am. It updates when new definitions are available.

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    Click here to download Avast Free Antivirus


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    Here're some main features of Avast Antivirus:

    New: Avast Passwords: Change bad habits like storing passwords on your browser, or reusing the same password. Avast's new password manager creates unique, unbreakable passwords for all your accounts - yet only asks you to remember one.

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    Improved Home Network Security: Even better protection, for everything on your home network. Avast 2016 detects 12 more types of router vulnerabilities so you can keep your printers, network drives and routers fully secured -- in just a click.

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    Improved Antivirus and anti-malware: We continue to improve the world's most-trusted antivirus and anti-malware engines to keep you better protected. Using security updates the size of a text message, we distribute updates several times an hour to keep you completely up-to-date.

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    Browser Cleanup: Why let anyone track your searches, or change your search provider without your permission? Browser Cleanup gets rid of any bad add-ons and unwanted toolbars, so you can restore the settings you like.

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    Improved Secure HTTPS Scanning: Improved WebShield technology allows your Avast to scan all HTTPS sites for malware and threats. And, it whitelists your banking sites and bank certificates too, so that scanning doesn't slow your access one bit.

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    Smart Scan technology: An all-in-one scan, all in one go. Check your computer's operating status, make sure there are no network threats, malware or viruses, and search for outdated software in just one click. It's the easiest way to stay safe.

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    What's new in this version:

    New firewall driver for Win8/10 - fixes issues with non-working firewall
    SecureLine start is faster - new OpenVPN method
    Easier turning off email signatures
    Faster loading of passwords list
    Fixed installation of SafeZone browser
    Extensions are now Firefox 64-bit compatible
    SafeZone browser: Added security extension (phishing protection)
    SafeZone browser: Fixed Pay mode crashes
    SafeZone browser: Settings and bookmarks now synced to Pay mode (after browser restart)
    Security fixes


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