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Thread: Is Google better than Yahoo?

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    Is Google better than Yahoo?

    Yahoo is older than Google. But Google created their search engine that blew away the others since it would come up with relevant search results instead of thousands of porn search results. Before Google, you could search virtually any topic on other search engines and you would still get porn sites listed all over in the search.

    Google immediately became the number one search engine and grew into a mega-giant company that passed Yahoo. In fact, Google is in an arrangement to provide search results with ad and product searches.

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    Now they have their Android software that is used more than Apple's software.

    So financially, they are far better than Yahoo. And I still prefer their search engine over others including Yahoo.

    Google has also become common use as a verb as well. You don't hear many people saying they are going to Yahoo a subject.

    So in every sense, Google is better than Yahoo.


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